Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5k: KBZ Fleet Sale: 1994 Buick Roadmaster Estate

DT's resident logo guru and bear wrestler Kaibeezy is currently liquidating his fleet in preparation for a relocation to Neptune for health reasons.  Kaibeezy will continue to provide substantial content (and contextual substance) to DT, but he needs to sell the piles of crap littering his driveway his personal earth based automobiles.  Kick if off with this 1994 Buick Roadmaster Estate with 164k miles on the odo is offered for $4,000 (or best offer) in the SF Bay Area, CA.

From Kaibeezy
First up, the bad:
- AC not blowing cold despite expensive new compressor - apparently there's a tiny leak somewhere and my small town mechanic doesn't have the equipment to spot it
- squeaky bushings in the front - good news is there are tons of upgrade suspension bits out there for Impala SS and police cars that will fit
- small tear in the vinyl of the driver's seat - the leather seating surface is fine and the rest of the interior is quite good
- parking brake is not engaging (just freaking happened :(
- ready for new tires - i really like these Firestone Firehawk Indy 500's, which is a popular choice for Roadmasters

Now, the good:
- cared-for daily driver
- new front rotors
- headlight upgrade, otherwise all stock
- shiny paint in the best color for these - rare wood delete
- comes with a substantial collection of chrome and trim bits - expensive and hard to find
- "celebrity" car - not just me, i bought it from this guy http://www.budeluv.com/lounge.html 

Another few years and i have no doubt it will be worth a lot more - only 3 years of these with the 5.7 LT1 - but for moving, i would **never** sell this car (and i would have been fixing up all the little bits mentioned above).

 If you have any interest in owning this thing (or learning how to wrestle bears) send an email here: tips@dailyturismo.com and we will forward your contact info the Kaibeezy.


  1. Do the McDonald's wrappers cost extra?

    1. Close, it's actually a Chevron Shop-N-Go cup, iced tea with the rare sugar delete, and a Reese's Big Cup 2-pack. I'ze probly gonna keep those.

  2. I have two questions; how much for the strategically placed Little Mermaid book and did you learn bare wrestling in the local bathhouses?

    Good luck on the sale of your car, Kaibeezy! I hope your Roadmasterblaster finds a really good home.


    1. Thanks, K2. Ariel comes with the car. My own little princess said something impossibly cute like, "Daddy, that's so the next girl who sits back here will have something to read." Sniff. They grow up so fast. She's 68 this week.

    2. Those adorable geriatric kids of yours...

  3. Wait, so San Francisco isn't on another planet already?

  4. KBZ - do the little tiny rear vent windows open via power actuators?

    If so, that's pretty cool. I've never noticed that on these cars prior to gazing at your pics.

    Sad to see it go, I'm sure, but hopefully another DTer will carry on its story in fine Roadmasterly tradition.

    1. Yeah, and there's an overdrive mod for those that makes them oscillate at high speed when the car is sitting and getting too warm inside, moves the air around... no there isn't. Manual operation. Actually, kid operated. They open them, I don't notice, then it rains. And they "operate" the light switches back there too, leave the lights on, then late at night when I am in my PJ's up in the tower gazing down at the starlight reflecting off the gleaming Roadmaster skydome 50 feet below...

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Looks comfy! How are the front seats comfort-wise? Is the ride good? I imagine this Buick moves pretty good with the 5.7, eh?

    1. cushy - and the loooong wheelbase does its thing - the 350 is a 350, and there are serious upgrades available if you want to go that way - sure would look good hauling an airstream

    2. I see you're in the Bay area - I'm in LA. Is she smogged and ready to go?

    3. Smog. I will get on that ASAP, report back. Denial, really. And busy loading the rocket, freeze drying the ice cream, all that.

    4. Great, thanks. I'm in the video biz, so the wagon would serve my needs nicely.

    5. smog is good - please send your email address in to tips@dailyturismo.com so we can continue this conversation offline - thx!

    6. Thanks Kaibeezy - a buddy of mine has decided to sell me his Volvo850T5-R Wagon that I've wanted for quite some time. He's about 20 minute away, and it's a killer deal. Wanted to let you know right away.
      Best of luck with the move, and the sale of both cars.

  7. Did you know that you can legally film action shots from the jump seat while driving with the tailgate open? I think DriveTV or somebody else on you tube did some video where they took their film car (caprice wagon) to the local drag strip and gave er hell.


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