Friday, May 15, 2015

5k: Forgotten Fun: 1996 Suzuki X-90

When you make a list of all the T-top equipped cars from the 1990s (and we will do this for a future twister subject), you might find a decent sized list.  Further narrow that list by refining to a 2-seater, rear drive standard, Japanese built, available 4X4, and manual gearbox-- you'll probably scratch your head...because the Suzuki X-90 is all but a forgotten piece of Japanese automotive history.  Find this 1996 Suzuki X-90 here on eBay offered for $4,200 buy-it-now or make offer, located in Clermont, Fl.

The X-90 was a Sidekick/Escudo based replacement for the outgoing Samurai and if I'd seen a photo of this yesterday I would have bet good money it was front drive...but the X-90 uses a conventional longitudinal engine configuration with an optional 4X4 transfer case (the real deal, with a big shifter sitting next to your passenger's thigh). This one is the rear-drive, 5-speed manual version, and has been resprayed in blue (from an original "ugly" green).  If you don't like blue, there is also this pink example for sale.

The X-90 was only sold in 1996 and 1997, so it is somewhat of a unicorn...perhaps not as valuable as an actual unicorn, but more desirable than a pig with a horn glued to its head.  The short wheelbase small size should make the X-90 a capable offroader if you are into that kind of thing...but you'll probably want to lift it, mount some huge tires, and drop a small block Chevy under the hood.

See another car with better custom pinstriped decals?


  1. That is the silliest car I've seen in weeks.

    I want one so bad now...

  2. One of any number of ongoing attempts to create a new class of vehicle. "Imagine if we built ... an off road Miata!"

    More fun in the nineties.

    I was expecting an ad featuring pretty girls in swimsuits at the beach.

    1. Pretty sure the bearded dude on the us top gear actually built an off road miata.

  3. There's one in a nearby town that I see quite often (I also have a neighbor with a pristine Aztek). It's as unattractive and ridiculous in person as it is in pictures, though the wheel and tire combo on the blue one pictured above do it no service, in my opinion. I'd rather have an old Subaru Brat, personally. Just as much funk in the trunk, but actually usable (if you avoid driving up mountains).

    1. I haven't pondered the X-90 in a long time, to tell you the truth. But now that DT has given rise to fresh ponderousnesses, I can't help thinking about how happy it makes me to see cars that at least try something new and different, like this little Suzuki. We need stuff like that, I think. Also, this car reminds of the Citroen Berlingo Coupé de Plage concept, for some reason. I don't know why.


  4. We got one of the last model year (97) less than 500 made for the world market in 97.
    An enormous flop. They were Red Bulls car of choice at one time although this predates Sebastian Vettle.
    Ours is green and used as a motor-home toad (how appropriate) Kids just point and laugh.
    Get more looks and comments than about any thing you can drive. BUT..... it is a dorkmobile and Jeremy Clarkson rates one of the worst cars ever. Google Red Bull X90 they were used by those cute Red Bull Girls for promos.

  5. The ultimate Barbie SUV.


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