Friday, May 8, 2015

5k: Bumble Beater: 1976 BMW 520 E12 Alpina A4

We haven't featured many E12s on these pages, probably because they come from the worst years of smog restriction (that causes major problems here in Cali) and it is overshadowed by the faster and more capable E28.  That doesn't mean we don't appreciate the Paul Bracq designed 5er, and what better way to demonstrate that than with a nice Alpina version.  Find this 1976 BMW 520 E12 Alpina A4 offered for $4,900 in East Austin, TX via craigslist.   

This yellow beast is something you don't see on this side of the Atlantic very often, and was imported from Europe to California a number of years ago.  The "Golf Yellow" paint and black accents screams "give me a ticket" but the M10 inline-4 cylinder engine should keep you safely behind faster traffic.

The Alpina A4 engine is a 2.0 liter version of BMWs M10 inline-4 that pushes out 160 horsepower and 130 ft-lbs of torque.  This thing certainly offers a bunch of rarity for the price, see a better example?


  1. Let's be really clear about this's a Euro 520i that has an Alpina air dam and steering wheel, and Alpina stripes. There's nothing else "Alpina" about it, especially the engine.

  2. Luckily this car has the sticker equivalent of a turbocharger. Alpina graphics aside, its carrying at least 85-90 hp of stickers on the hood and windshield.

  3. Much rather have a *1975* US-market 530i. That's the only E12 that matters in California.

    And that's unfortunate, 'cause I've seen a bunch of later ones.


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