Saturday, May 30, 2015

3k: Bloody Beater: 1970 Volvo 142S

Douchebag car collectors might have you convinced that the $3000 beater classic is dead, but they are wrong.  It has simply moved away from things with the Porsche/BMW/Volkswagen crest on the front to oddball brands like Volvo/Saab, hiding in the bushes like a hungry tiger ready to pounce.  LONG LIVE THE $3K BEATER...(whoa, why are you shouting so much and calling everybody a douchbag?  KNOCK IT OFF.  Okay).  Find this 1970 Volvo 142S offered for $3,200 in SF Bay Area, CA via Craigslist.  Tip from Fueltruck.

The Volvo 140 series is a classic we like at DT because they are inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to run, and generally a good deal for a European classic car.   The ancient suspension, steering and pushrod engines aren't for everyone and it won't be remotely fast in stock configuration...but swap in a few go-fast goodies and suddenly the Scandinavian underdog becomes a contender. 

Under the hood is a Volvo's trusty B20 inline-4, which looks like it has been upgraded from the stock single carb setup to something with dual carbs (or maybe the dual carbs thing was an option -- I'm not entirely sure on this one).  Expect 118ish horsepower and some torques. 

The interior isn't quite as ragged as the outside, and the two things you use most (your ass and hands) will be happy with the upgraded seats and tiller. 

See a better beater classic with a few upgraded parts? Send it here:


  1. Wow. The d-bag word flew fast and furious on this one. Ha ha! I love it.

  2. ~ Stock carburetor set-up on the B20 Volvo 140s I have owned. A little ornery to keep in balance 'til you get the touch, but worth learning. A lot of Volvo guys are not at all fans of the popular Weber single 2 barrel conversion.

  3. Best of all it has a correct 1970 blue plate meaning the car most likely has spent its life in Cali. Since when is three grand," beater" money? You rich guys are all alike!


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