Saturday, May 2, 2015

15k: Pintera: 1973 Ford Pinto Pangra

The Ford Pinto was never particularly fast or sporty, but Jack Stratton, general sales manager at Huntington Ford in Arcadia, California aimed to fix that issue with a creation he called the Pangra.  It took a basic Pinto and added turbocharger, sporty interior, new front end styling, and racing inspired suspension in the form a series of kits that together made a complete Pangra.  Only 20-200 factory dealer built Pangras were built, so don't expect to see another at the next Ford car show.  Find this 1973 Ford Pinto Pangra offered for $14,500 in San Diego, CA via

The seller is listed as Brad Fagan, who is also mentioned in this April 1, 2005 Hemmings article as a world renowned authority on the Pangra.  This particular Pangra has been modified from original specs, and is forcefed by a Garrett T4 turbocharger, shifts through a 5-speed gearbox from an SVO Mustang, etc.  It looks like a fun way to go fast and leave everybody around your perplexed.  

See another Pangra for sale? Send it here:


  1. Another very rare find, DT. What do you think of the T4, El Jefe?

  2. This is real interesting read about the Pinto gas tank recall at this LINK

    1. ~ This analysis is a long and wide-ranging read, but surprisingly it is an interesting trip down a peculiar rabbit hole you might just walk over if it weren't called to your attention. I had to scan over a large portion of minutia, but the insight was worthwhile. ------Thanks

    2. Gladwell always provokes thought. Blink is a great read that helped shaped my daily interaction with patients.

    3. I brought up Gladwell previously here on DT and I'm a big fan. All of his books are thought-inspiring. I highly recommend a new reader start with The Tipping Point. You'll understand his style and how he writes much better. It's also arguably his best book.

      Have you read Outliers yet, DoctorDel?

    4. I'm also a Malcolm fan - I've posted on here before about the time I was trying to decide between a Jetta wagon and an Expedition in around 2004 - gas prices had gone through the roof, and dealers were dumping gas hogs cheap, but since I don't commute, it was an option - then I found a Gladwell article comparing... Jettas and Expeditions - bought the VW

  3. And here is why you need to own a Pinto ROLLIN IN MY PINTO It is a goody just in case you missed this before...

  4. I must say I really liked driving my 1600 Kent engined, 4 speed Pinto.
    Sitting nearly on the floor at 75 mph felt like a hundred!
    The manual steering rack connected you to the road.
    It was the true definition of it's more fun to drive a slow car fast.
    Here is a previous picture at this LINK

    This Pangra has been for sale for a long time. If it was lower cost it would be fun to make it a low slung handler and install a light weight 2015 Mustang 2.3 turbo.

  5. and you can get 2 Pangras for $ 14K

  6. Anyone remember (link?) the 0-60 and terminal figures from the '70s Road&Track test?
    16 & very impressionable back then.

  7. This is my absolutely favorite Pinto video...
    Watch ELB Racing reel in Porsche after Porsche on the race track, even a 911!
    Here is the video LINK

  8. I will end my Pinto madness with this well put togther nostalgic Pinto Video of Racer Walsh at Lime Rock
    Here is the LINK

  9. Two crummy photos, that's it ? ? ?
    Get back to me when you can afford some more film, @Brad Fagan....



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