Wednesday, April 22, 2015

5k: Rally Cool: 1973 Volvo 142

It is one thing for a millionaire who wears a bulletproof suit and fights crime to be called a hero, or an impervious, flying, alien do-gooder, but the true heroes are those who save the world despite their personal situation, not because of it  -- like Russel Casse (played by the inscrutable Randy Quaid) from Independence Day.  This next feature is the unexpected hero looking for a new home.  Find this  1973 Volvo 142 rally car offered for $3,850 in Tallahassee, FL via craigslist.

The Volvo 140 was first introduced in 1966 as the first in a long line of boxy sedans from Torslanda.  The 2-door version (142) enjoyed a modicum of success in rally and road racing, but it isn't the first choice for many when it comes to building a racing machine...however that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea.

Power comes from a rebuilt B20 inline-4 fed via a set of Weber carbs and aspirated via a mild street torque cam from IPD.  The low end torque from the short duration cam should work well for the kind of rally action this thing is designed for.  The suspension has also been recently redone with IPD parts and Bilstein HD shocks.

See a cheaper way to get into a rally?

Tip of the hat to 505Turbeaux on oppositelock.


  1. Needs a cage. And a beefy skid plate. Probably some kind of tube front bumper. And some fender flares. And a B23FT. And I'd relocate at least two of those Hellas to below-bumper.

    1. It will need the work RyanM cited to be allowed on the special stage by any of the sanctioning bodies. Maybe it could be used for regional rallycross.

      Here's a real regional rally car for $8K: '87 Corolla

  2. Instead of blathering about what I think of this car, here's a movie that I really enjoyed with a Volvo 142 in it.

  3. A local guy rallies a 242 with a turbocharged PRV V6 in it:

    RWD rally cars are cool!

    1. John Lane's turbo PRV rally car is for sale - check the Turbobricks classifieds - I think he's asking $12.5k for it.

    2. Man, I can't see the video here at work, but the second I saw "242" and "turbo PRV" I knew it was John Lane. That car is an absolute beast...

    3. Hope you had a chance to watch it. It's the perfect illustration on why the FIA should get rid of the AWD WRC cars and go to RWD with lots of hp and no traction control.

  4. this car is located in chickasaw Alabama not.the man wants $1200 for it
    he said it was a 74 not 73.he said I can pay $800 down on it. another article on this same car says it will go anywhere but it's you'll have the rally look but not the also says it has lots of rust.and that it has good parts on it but they were poorly installed.not sure if I wanna buy it or not


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