Thursday, April 23, 2015

5k: Ford Zetec Quad-Carb'd: 1963 Morris Minor

 The Morris Minor was an economy family sedan from Morris Motors that was sold starting in 1948 and continuing through 1972.  In the end over 1.2 million examples of the Sir Alec Issigonis designed cars were sold.    Today's example has been given a new heart from a Ford -- find this 1963 Morris Minor offered for $4,000 in Warren, RI via craigslist.  Tip from Scott T.

It would be easy to mistake the Minor for an Austin Mini imitator (family sedan built in large quantities, many variants available, old styling lasting for decades), but the Minor is much larger and used a front-engine rear drive setup instead of the Mini's front-front.

Powering this Minor is a 2.0 liter Ford ZX2 Zetec  inline-4 fed via 4 carburetors and pushing out an unknown number of ponies into a 5-speed transmission from a Mazda MX-5.  It should make for a fun times in the 1800 lb Minor.

 The interior isn't exactly mint condition, and has some dangling wires under the dash that could be easily cleaned up.  Additionally, it features an aftermarket steering wheel and a set of seats sourced elsewhere.

See a cooler way to cruise around and surprise everybody?


  1. Now that looks like $4K worth of FUN! It took me a while to spot the gear lever. Does the MX-5 transmission shift from the end of the box?

  2. Despite some horrific personal decisions that make me want to hurl, I love me some Roman Polanski. Unfortunately, only the Jag that's in the film appears in the trailer.

  3. Man, if I had any space in my garage I'd be selling my scooter off and replacing it with this. At 4k, you can't loose unless its somehow worse than it looks in the pictures.


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