Saturday, April 25, 2015

5k: AWD, Mid-Engine, 5-spd: 1995 Honda Acty Mini Truck

 Another day, another mini-truck on these pages, with the same likelihood that you can register it for street use as that 2x4 go kart you built in your garage.  The second generation Honda Acty (short of activity) was released in 1988 and was sold as Honda's main Kei-truck offering through 1999.  With a mid-engine setup and all-wheel-drive it is basically the a Japanese version of a Lamborghini Gallardo.   Find this 1995 Honda Acty Mini Truck offered here on eBay for $6,850 buy-it-now, located in Daly City, CA.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

The Acty is another late model kei-car where the legality is questionable, but the price is low enough that you might be willing to take chance. Wait...are you a fed?  Is the seller a fed?  What's up with all the questions, man?

Somewhere under the back is a 656 cc E07A SOHC inline-3 cylinder engine pumping out a blistering 38 horsepower and 40 ft-lbs of torque.  The seller claims that it comfortably cruises at 60mph on the freeway, but my guess is that only folks with backgrounds in circus performance will find the wide-open-throttle to maintain 60mph remotely comfortable.

Check out that tachometer.  And by tachometer, I am refering to the marks on the speedometer that tell you roughly what gear you should be in given the speed.  Note that it gives up after 3rd gear because you probably will never exceed 70 km/h. 

See another questionably legal ride for cheap?


  1. What would it take to make this street legal (outside of CA)? Another 5 years? Is it possible at all?

    1. These are legal to license and drive anywhere but on the interstate here in Nebraska. There are sites that list state laws. You might be surprised. They are currently voting on a law in NE that would allow you to register golf carts (!) for street use. You would be subject to local law, however.

    2. Cool! Just what I need; a hot-rod golf cart. That's interesting about Nebraska. So, if I moved there I could drive this truck. Hmm. Not a bad idea, actually. I looked up the law where I live and it's the same old 25 fed, of course but state law is pretty relaxed. I see there are seat belts and that seems to be one of the big issues covered.

    3. Yes, some people hot-rod golf carts. Here is an interesting package deal:

  2. So are these a 'thing' now? Because there's a metric ton of these for sale locally for less than what this one is on offer for. 4x4 w/low range, manual trans, working air con, you name it. Daihatsu Hi Jet's, Mitsubishi minicab vans, etc. All between $3000 and $7000. Should I send those to tips? Or are they disqualified due to their flyover-country location? hehe.

  3. The only thing this does quickly is get me uninvited from the carpool.

    I bet it would embarrass my teenager into taking the bus into school.

    I would legit love to have one of these...

  4. I use one at work our boss bought it for the grounds keeper to use but he can't drive it so I have adopted it and enjoy using it regularly. Gets smooth after 40kmh, but haven't had it much faster than that.


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