Monday, April 13, 2015

10k: LT1 Powered: 1990ish Volvo 740 Wagon

Many of the V8 powered Volvo wagons you find are low budget form follows function burnout machines that have Humboldt State University stickers patching up rust holes, but this next one is really nice looking...well...nice looking for a boxy Swedish wagon.  Find this 1990ish Volvo 740 Wagon with LT1 V8 and 6 speed manual gearbox offered for $12,000 via classifieds.   Tip from Matt.

The Volvo 740 series is the least sporty or interesting of the '90s Volvo lineup, but at least it retained rear-wheel-drive, which was lost in the subsequent 850 series.  The wagon version was the favorite of soccer moms and people with dogs, but it has become cult classic with a large following of Volvo nerds around the world.

Pop the hood and you'll see the 5.7 liter V8 borrowed from a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro mated to a Tremec T56 6-speed manual gearbox.  Expect 329 horsepower and 359 ft-lbs of torque to offer a considerable upgrade from the stock powertrain -- turbo or not.  

See another fast wagon?


  1. The least sporty or interesting of the 90's? Ever driven a 1990+ 240? Stock for stock, I'd take a 90+ 745 turbo over a 90+ 240 any day of the week if my objective was driving excitement vs. reliability/resale value.

    If I had a vote (I don't) for least exciting Volvo of the 1990's it would be the Volvo 340GL, or the entire 300 series if you want to go model-lines vs specific cars.

    1. I have to agree........I had a 745 turbo with a manual that I hated and it was still more interesting than a 240.

    2. And if this ad mentioned working A/C, and the car was sub $10k and within 200 miles of me, I might very well take the bait.

    3. FTB, looks like the receiver/drier is hooked up... so there's a chance? Maybe?

      Typically I'd say run the heck away from a New England car, but I actually have two 700 series wagons that have lived in Maine their entire lives, both with over 200k, one of which I used for ice racing and with the exception of a hole in the floor of the ice racer due to my own stupidity (clogged sunroof drains left over a few years), they're rust free and solid.

    4. You definitely need to tell us more about the ice racing sometime...

  2. Replies
    1. Great looking exterior, though. Love the style.

  3. For a fraction of the price, you can get a fraction of the car!

    740 wagon track rat.

    If only it had a m/t... and didn't need a turbo (which I have perhaps 10 or 11 of sitting on a shelf in my dad's shed) I'd be all over that. Oh and it happens to be in LA, where I no longer live.

  4. That's an LT1, not the LS1. The intake is wrong... And it came out of a '95 camaro.

    1. LA? I thought you were referring to "Lewiston Auburn".

    2. Every time I hear Lewiston Auburn the jingle for their chamber of commerce commercials gets stuck in my head... "cities of the Androscoggin..."

  5. Love the 700/900 wagons. Love, love, love.

    Too low for my tastes.

    Wish it were an LS-motor.

    S70 seats, yummy.

    Probably worth the change, but if I were doing it it'd have the aluminum LS3 and sit a little higher.

    1. The wife and I are in agreement: once our S70 heads to the big autobahn in the sky, we're keeping the seats for office chairs. My cheeks used to get numb on journeys lasting longer than an hour in the Integra... but I've driven 5 hours between fill ups across 24 hours plus of solid driving in the S70 more times than I can remember and never once had a complaint from the backside.


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