Friday, April 3, 2015

10k: Comes With A Story: 1970 Volvo 1800E

For the 1970 model year Volvo improved their 1800 sports coupe by adding fuel injection, 4-wheel disc brakes, and the letter E to the end of its name.  The 1800E is arguably the best of the breed for the P1800/1800S/1800E family as it has been given numerous upgrades to solve earlier issues, and this next car comes with an interesting back story.  Find this 1970 Volvo 1800E offered for $10,900 in Playa del Ray, CA via craigslist.

This is normally the part where we'd tell you this interesting back story...but the seller plays coy in the listing.  His words:
Original blue plate California car, not rusted like most of these Volvo's are.
Car was hidden in the garage for 15 years.
Car is in good running and driving condition.
Original Steel Blue Metallic paint is faded and original interior is still
all intact.
There is also very interested history in the car, please inquire.

More info or pictures, call me. NO TEXTS.
Blue plate is good, not rusted better, and running/driving condition is also good news.  I could live with the original paint being faded, and if this thing really is a nice running/driving example, it could be worth the asking price.

See another classic on a u-haul trailer?


  1. ~ I have called for pictures and details, which I'll share once received.

  2. If it is all original and you can ice pick it with not having rust, you found a rare bird. They are not as trouble free as you would think in the fuel infection form. Ask any question as I have restored a few.

  3. ~ The seller has responded, but without the expected pictures. The car is supposedly from the Paul Walker and Roger Rodas car collection, w/ documents to verify. His words below;

    Volvo is original blue plate CA car.
    It's been sitting in the garage last 15 years.
    165126 miles.
    I just had my mechanic go thru the car, gas tank was cleaned, fully inspected.
    It's running good.
    Tires old, but hold air.
    Brakes 50% left.
    Interior original, needs front seats, dashboard cracked, door panels ok, except armrests.
    carpet original, headliner original.
    Volvo is from Paul Walker and Roger Rodas car collection, I have a bill of sale from Kristine Rodas,
    who manages the Always Evolving LLC dba AE Motors.

  4. Boy, if that counts as "an interesting history" some of my cars have been "War and Peace".

  5. Nice Bobincot! I suspect a repaint as the gas door should be black. Bad choice on the later wheels. Factory paint is so thick that there is no need to repaint unless repairs have been made.....

  6. Oh, and the door bumper strip is gross...

  7. For what it's worth, I did an online search for similar cars and the prices are all over the map. Anywhere from $5K to well over $20K This one seems to be priced about right. Now if it was a Duett...


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