Friday, March 27, 2015

5k: Ultimate Creeper Wagon: 1980 Ford Diamond Motorhome

This next feature comes in as a tip from Andy L, and his tip was long enough for an entire post -- so here it is,   This is an ad for a Ford 1980 Diamond Motorhome offered on craigslist for $4,000 located in Crete, NE.  Unlike other RVs designed to provide an optimal view of nature and let in sunlight, this one only has a few portholes.  It looks more like a work van from the outside, but has all the necessities for an extended stay on the inside.  Yes, this camper is designed to deceive onlookers. (Words and link by Andy L.)

It is also true that this van is about as close as you can get to the ultimate creeper-wagon.  So much so, that this craigslist ad could be the centerpiece of a darn good dragnet operation.  Don't let that stop you from inquiring about it, though.  

The virtues of this van may well outweigh its sinister stigma. First of all, who wouldn't want a van that has made a cameo appearance in myriad crime thrillers? This is where the fuzz is always hiding when the big deal goes down and you can own it for a mere $4K. 

Another reason you should own this van: urban camping.  That's right.  Why pay $300 or more a night to stay in a hotel in the city center when you can rack-out unnoticed in a parking garage, lot or street-side for next to nothing?  Why drive drunk when you can sleep it off just steps away from the door of your favorite watering hole?
Finally, you could start your own business as a private dick or bounty hunter on the cheap.  If you want to bust someone's cheatin' wife, you'd might as well make your stakeout as comfortable as possible.  It won't seem like work at all when you put on some Glenn Frey and brew a pot of coffee in your own kitchenette.         
Ed: Thanks for the feature Andy -- keep em coming!!


  1. That's actually very cool, despite the El Creepo factor. Too bad the interior picture sucks, it would be nice to see more. I like it for a couple of reasons; the flat sides would make it easy to put a wrap to advertise my business on it, unlike a lot of other RVs with their corrugated sides, the lack of windows would make it less noticeable if you're actually in it and attempting to "urban camp" (cops don't like lit up RVs at eleven o'clock at night) and my dogs only bark at stuff they see outside, so the less they see the less they bark. And I like the roof window, which would let in some much desired natural light. Still no Rialta, but interesting nonetheless.

  2. I'd use this all the time. I dont mind that it has only a few windows, when I'm on vacation I actually want darkness. If I wanna sleep the day away and have nothing better to do, hey I'm on vacation. F off and get off my (temporary) lawn. Love it

  3. dont know if that was modified over the years to cover up some of the windows, but others from that era dont give off the same stranger danger vibe


  4. Here ye here ye......Cretins..........hazmat lab available for sale


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