Saturday, March 14, 2015

5k: Rust Bucket: 1969 Volkswagen Type 2 DoKa

The Volkswagen Type 2 was an insanely successful people carrier from those crazy Germans, known as a Bus, Vanagon, Kombi, etc. The DoKa version (a truncation of the German word for double cab-- Doppelkabine) is a strange looking combination of crew cab pickup and clown mobile.  Find this 1969 Volkswagen Type 2 DoKa offered for $6,700 in Oakdale, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Berkeley C.

Per the seller:
Newly rebuilt 1600 engine (600 miles on it) with alternator. Replaced the crankshaft, all bearings, flywheel, camshaft, lifters, carburetor, one head, spark plugs and wires and all gaskets/o-rings. All machine work was done by Jim at Napa Carr Parts in Santa Cruz. He knows VWs and has been doing machine work on them forever. He helped me build a reliable, long lasting engine, not a race motor. Engine runs great and leaks very little oil (mostly from the drain plate which is an easy fix at the next oil change). All engine tin pieces are complete and it runs very cool.

The body has some rust and needs some work. Lots of dents, scratches, cuts, etc. There is a lot of rust under the truck including the frame but the floorboards are solid.
The truck's ride is not the smoothest due to the amount of adjustment that was done to the rear torsion plates to lower the rear. I believe the front beam was cut to lower the front but I'm not sure. Basically it looks good but the ride has suffered a bit but I have driven it with no problems.

All exterior lights work and the windshield wipers work.
Tires will need to be replaced soon.
Rebuilt rear axles.
New throttle cable.
Front seats are newly reupholstered and the rear seat is in good shape.

Would take $4800 without the motor.

See another Type 2 with questionable modifications and fantastic useability for less? Send it here:


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  2. Windshield wipers work but no mention of a bilge pump.

  3. Super useable design, could fit all kinds of people in the front and all kinds of stuff in the bed.Have fun bombing around at 36.786 mph top speed. But if you ever hit another vehicle this would be the accordion of death.....

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