Monday, March 16, 2015

5k: Jamaican Me Crazy: Fleet of 1968 Fiberfab Jamaicans

I've mentioned in the past that some cars are like Pringles, once an engine pops, you can't stop buying more parts cars.  Owners of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle are prime offenders, probably because the cost to buy a parts car is considerably less than the sum of their parts, but it also spreads to classic British roadsters, such as the Triumph Spitfire and MGB.  What I haven't seen before is a collection of kit cars that looks like a post apocalyptic dealer show room like this collection of Fiberfab Jamaicans.  Find this group Fiberfab Jamaicans offered from $1200-$3900 from bare body, rolling chassis or Ford V8 powered, located in Volusia, FL.  Tip from Dascpcu.

 Per the seller he has in his collection the following:
 tr4 chassis and Jamaican body with glass gold Color- optional sale with Ford 302 w 5 speed 3900$
tr4 chassis with jamaican body with glass color copper w/green has triumph 4 cylinder and 4 speed 2500$

Austin Healy chassis with Jamaican body black color- set up for small block chevy and auto 2300$
also have availible fiber glass jamaican bodies with no chassis 1200$

According to sales literature, the Jamaican used a donor chassis from a Austin-Healey, Triumph TR, MGA or VW to roll its Ferrari-esq shape around.  The Jamaican was the brainchild of Bud Goodwin and built alongside other Fiberfab creations from their Southern California factory during the 1960s/1970s.

 See another collection of bargain priced parts cars?


  1. Hey Mon! No engine, No cry!

    What a unusual find. I am liking the look of the gold one.

  2. I'd rather have a cup of this than the Fiberflab.


  3. Reassemble the car? Or, Ganja....

    Looks like the car lost the draw.
    A.K.A. Jamaican Me Crazy

  4. Someone had a bit of a hard-on for those things, it appears, though a Jamaican on TR4 running gear is about the only thing that a DeLorean driver need not fear at a stoplight.

    Jamaican body, LS1, pile of late-model Miata or Solstice chassis parts, grad student from local engineering program who needs a master's project.

  5. Let's approach this another way - what's a TR4 chassis worth? What's a Healey chassis worth?

    Can you sell off the Evidence of British Decline for enough money to give you some plastic toys to play with for cheap?


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