Tuesday, March 24, 2015

5k: Cat Scratch Fever: 1975 Dodge Tradesman 100 Van

There is an old saying: That guy has the best job security in the world because no one would ever want his horrible job, and the automotive corollary is: The ultimate vehicle security is a car so horrible that no one will ever want to steal it.  This next vehicle isn't horrible per se, but does the exterior have enough primal fear factor to keep would-be thieves at bay?  Find this 1975 Dodge Tradesman 100 Van here on eBay currently bidding for $4,584 reserve-not-met with $6,000 buy-it-now located in Crown Point, IN with a few hours to go.

 A custom 70s van is a wonderful thing to behold.  The problem is that if  you get too carried away with your people carrier, it can start fall into the undesirable category of the molester van, free candy van, and nobody wants that.  This van doesn't have enough unnecessary kid-related accoutrements to qualify as creepy, but you might not want to sell girl scout cookies out of the side.

The hand made murals on the side of this Tradesman feature jungle cats on one side and a few roving lions on the other, but the problem is the "Cat Scratch Fever" inscribed on the front and rear of the van.  No one is going to assume that the van's owner is suffering from an acute case of regional lymphadenitis caused by the bartonella henselae bacterium, but one could assume he is a Ted Nugent fan and/or a van lover.

This yellow Tradesman might not have the same "the owner is going skin me and put on a puppet theater with my remains" look as this scary 1972 Chevrolet G20 van, but I'd be tempted to remove the Cat Scratch Fever from the front/rear before dropping your kids off at your local Montessori school, unless you already know your local child protective service agents.

See a sweet custom van that won't scare off women? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. 1. Krieger?
    2. Iron Maiden reference > Ted Nugent reference.

  2. My first thought was what was up with rocker panel on the passenger side? It appears that I'm not alone in that query and it's missing a piece.


  3. as a longtime van guy I find this cat thing repulsive, I built my first one on a 67 Ford Econline (6 with 3 in tree) and drove it for many miles without major problems. I would have to empty the inside and clean it out. Totally has no charm or attraction for me at all, Just gross!

  4. anything thats just a panel van always seems a bit suspect


  5. I love me a custom 70's van, the more tasteless the better. But this is kinda cool in a lame way, or kinda lame in a cool way. The art is flat and lifeless and the interior looks like he said WTF, let's just shit it up with tiger stuff to pay off the name.


  6. Saw this sweet hand painted 67 Ford customized camper van with a straight 6 and what looks like a 3 on the tree on the local Craigslist today. Virgil's Blue Highway Review


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