Thursday, March 19, 2015

2k: Cheap N Classy: 1979 MG Midget

This next feature comes as a tip from Scott T who writes:   I know, I know, not rare or unique. EXCEPT  1. Fire sale price at this condition, they're only asking $2500  2. Looks solid from above, especially for New England 3. Somebody dumped a bunch of money into it recently, but has to sell, hopefully they woudn't have dumped that kind of cash into a rusty one. Find this 1979 MG Midget offered for $2,500 near Harford, CT via craigslist.

The MG Midget was a badge engineered version of the Austin Healey Sprite and shared mechanical components, sheet metal -- basically everything but the badging.  In the 5th generation (1974) the Austin Healey Sprite had been discontinued, but the Midget was now powered by a larger 1.5 liter engine and will have a better time keeping up with modern traffic.

 See another inexpensive rag top classic?


  1. And..... GONE! Someone got a nice cheap entry into the classic car world. Cars with relatively modest capabilities are a hoot to drive, because you can be flat out without attracting any attention. Every drive feels like the Mille Miglia!

    1. Perfect example of a 'sports' car. Hardly ever the fastest, just the most fun. However, that paint job had a distinctly Krylon rattle-can look to it, kinda like a Wayne's World edition of Wheeler Dealer. All hail Edd Chiner as the master of the rattle can paint job.

  2. One of the worst cars i have driven other then my nephews worn out 65 Mustang.

  3. yay, my submission! It does look like a rattle can job, and somehow it's only got one metal and one rubber bumper oddly. There's a lot worse out there for more money though!

    1. Came here to mention the bumper thing. Friend of mine had a '76... in Los Angeles... thing was tooooough to get through smog.


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