Thursday, March 26, 2015

20k: Shoot All The Brakes: 1994 Jaguar XJS Lynx Eventer

For years the British motoring community was caught between two paradigms.  Buy something sensible like a Vauxhall hatchback, or throw caution to the wind and buy a V12 powered Jaguar luxury coupe as an expression of your awesomeness.  This was the choice for years until a small engineering company called Lynx decided that the motoring masses should have their yorkshire pudding and eat it too! Lynx starting building shooting brake conversions of the XJS (now known as the Eventer) in 1982 and did not stop until 2002.  Find this 1994 Jaguar XJS Lynx Eventer offered for $25,000 via craigslist, located in Chicago, IL.

According to, there were 67 of these stylish things built, with only 18 leaving the factory with left-hand-drive.  Recent sales include one that failed to sell at auction in the UK this year, but pre-sale estimates put it in the range of £35,000 ($52,000 USD), another at KWE cars is offered for £65,000 ($96,000 USD), so this example for a fraction of that price could be a great bargain. However, the listing is sparse, price is low, and the photo was borrowed from, so I really, really, really hope this isn't a scammer. 

See another seriously low priced classic that might just be a great deal if you move quickly?


  1. The holy grail of shooting brakes?

  2. Hey that's such a good deal you could have money left to swap it into a cab-over kind of look by switching the interior backwards so you could drive looking out of that beautiful hatch!

  3. I have an insatiable lust for all things shooting brake. If I was an oil Baron, I would buy every example I could find. After that, I would start building my own out of whatever exotica I deemed acceptable.

  4. Excuse me while I take my Inner Curmudgeon* for a walk here, but I find neither the Jag XJS nor the wagon conversion thereof to be particularly attractive or even interesting (and there's plenty of not-too-pretty cars I find interesting.)

    * The Inner Curmudgeon looks a lot like a Corgi but breaks wind a lot and has much sharper teeth.

  5. Is that an under power photo? If not that thing is squatting like it's holding in a duece and a half.


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