Friday, March 13, 2015

20k: Fast And Odd: 1989 Shelby Can-Am

 From the forgotten history of Carrol Shelby and Dodge: In 1987 the original place for insane Group-7 racing cars known as Can-Am (Canadian-American Challenge Cup) was put to pasture by the folks at the SCCA.  A few years later, a Texan named Carroll Shelby approached SCCA with a concept for a sports prototype car with power from a Dodge V6 and a body designed by the legendary Pete Brock.  The rest is history...strange and forgotten history, but history nonetheless.  Find this 1989 Shelby Can-Am SCCA here on eBay currently bidding for $19,900 with less than one day to go.

According to internet sources, Racefab Inc built 76 examples of Shelby Can-Am turn-key race cars as a way for average Joe wealthy individuals to get into a "real" race car without insane development costs.   The new Can-Am racing series lasted for a few seasons before it was canceled by the SCCA and a large portion of the Shelby Can-Am cars were shipped to South Africa and re-powered by Nissan VQ35 engines.

This chassis still retains its Dodge 3.3 liter V6, which was setup to deliver 255 horsepower from the Shelby factory (it would have had tamper evident seals from Shelby to show if anyone had horsed around with the internal components), but 350 horsepower is just a few modifications away.  

It seems odd to find two of these Can-Am cars for sale at the same time, but there is another car, a red one from the guys at MotoeXotica for sale here on eBay currently bidding for $7,900 reserve-not-met.

See another odd racer?


  1. Don't forget to get the kinks out!


  2. The asking price on the Motoexotica car is $54,900, so maybe just under $20K for the other one is a great deal.

    These sure have a LOT of tire.

  3. Sold for $19k. That is a cheap way to go really freakin' fast.

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the bodywork? That front three quarter shot looks like a ground effect design, but the rear where the airflow would exit is far too messy. Can't find any useful design information online.


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