Sunday, March 1, 2015

1k: Stormtrooper Needs Hyperspace Drive: 1985 Toyota Celica GT

This next feature comes to us from tipper Andy L who writes:
Here is a great-looking 1985 Toyota Celica GT (for $1800 in Lincoln, NE via craigslist) that somehow managed the last 30 years without getting consumed wholly by the tin worm and only accrued 89K miles.  Unfortunately, the engine has failed catastrophically and this Imperial Storm-trooper transporter is getting sold for chump change.  

On the other hand, the front-engine/rear-drive layout seems like the ideal starting point for a sleeper, track car, drifter or whatever you'd like.  It shouldn't be tough finding something to propel this classic shape faster than the original 22RE and slushbox combo.  What engine would you like to see in it?
Huge thanks for the tip with story from Andy!!  See another cheap Celica for sale? Send it here:


  1. How the #@$%& do you destroy a 22RE in 89k? My Uncle had one of these and traded it in on a new Celica, but only after it'd done 240k.

  2. Always felt the notchback version of this generation Celica was pretty ugly, and you had to buy the GTS to get the semi-trailing-arm rear suspension.

    But, hey, rear-drive is rear-drive.

    Think an LS1-family motor will fit, if you want to keep it in the family there's the Toyota 1UZ/2UZ V8s, the 'cleanest' approach would probably be a JDM takeout 3S-GE BEAMS 'blacktop' and 6-speed out of a Japanese-market Altezza RS200.


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