Saturday, March 14, 2015

1k: Roadkill: 1980 Mercedes-Benz 300SD W116

There are those old cars that you drive by on the side of the road every few days, cars that catch your eye but don't really snap your neck.  But one day the owner has a for sale sign in the window, and suddenly you stop, and take a closer look.  Like this 1980 Mercedes-Benz 300SD W116 found in Redondo Beach, CA offered for $900.  Roadkill is a DT special feature where we post cars that are seen on the side of the road by our readers and staff.  Just be sure to include contact info for the seller if  you submit some roadkill. 

This is a car that I've driven by countless times (recognized it for its driver side broken sealed beam headlight surround) and only recently noticed the for sale sign.   In 1973 Mercedes-Benz introduced the world to the legendary W116 S-Class -- S standing for Sonderklasse, or Special Class, as in, unless you are special, you can't afford this.  The W116 is known today for its low buy-in costs, incredibly durable interior materials, tank-like build quality and relatively expensive parts/labor costs if something major goes wrong.

A quick peek inside revealed an odometer with 289k miles on the clock and a medium condition interior.  The gauges/steering wheel/shifter/seats are okay, but some of the wood trim is disintegrating and the dash was pretty rough. 

No word from the seller about the condition of the  3.0 liter OM617 turbo diesel rated at 120 horsepower and 170 ft-lbs of torque or the 4-speed automatic transmission.  It won't be remotely fast with only 120 horses to haul around 4,000 lbs of mass, but for $900, you won't find a much more interesting oil burner.  The car does have some paint flaws, including peeling clear coat and some rust bubbles at the corner of the rear glass.

See another piece of roadkill on the side of the road?


  1. There's something distinctly kinky about this Mercedes. If I saw this car for sale, I believe my boots would be walkin'.

    [img] [/img]

    1. I do not, for the record, wear boots like that. I much prefer Tony Lama footwear.

    2. Speaking of boots, if you think you wear pointy boots then you need to check these out!

    3. Do you think you could wear those in your roadkill W116?

  2. There is nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes. Buyer beware.


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