Tuesday, March 10, 2015

15k: Hard To Top: 1969 MGC GT

The MGC was a six cylinder version of the MGB, first launched in 1967 as a replacement for British Motor Corp's (Austin, MG, Morris, Riley, Wolseley, and Jaguar among others) long in the tooth Austin-Healey 3000.  The MGC GT was a fixed roof (fastback or hatchback depending on who you ask) version of the MGC, and naturally shared its sheet metal with the MGB GT.  However, whereas BMC produced 125,000 of the MGB GTs from 1965-1980, only 4500 of the MGC GT were ever built between 1967-1969.  Find this 1969 MGC GT here on eBay currently bidding for $15,000 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go, located in Duluth, GA.

The  MGC is instantly identifiable from its MGB brethren by the large hood bulge necessary to contain the long inline-6 and its forward shoved radiator.  The MGB chassis needed some underhood changes to fit the engine, but otherwise 95% of the sheetmetal, glass, interior, etc is the same.  The MGC did use larger brakes, 15-inch wheels, a slower rate rack-and-pinion, and unique torsion bar suspension.  The front suspension need to be reworked to accommodate the extra 200 lbs over the front axle, and some complainers like to fuss about the handling.

The beast under the hood bulge is a 2.9 liter 7-bearing crank equipped version of the C-series inline-6 originally used in Austin-Healey 100-6, 3000s, and various Wolseley, Riley and Morrises.  Expect about 145 horsepower (which wasn't bad for 1967) and 60mph to be passed in about 10 seconds on the way to a 120 mph top speed. Not fast by modern measurements, but decent for the mid 60s.

The exterior of the MGC was repainted in  Snowberry White (a change from its original Mineral Blue -- still seen in the engine bay) and the interior is a crazy red (also not original). However, if you want a MGC GT, originality aside, this isn't a bad looking example.

See another inline-6 powered British classic with a hardtop? Send it here: tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. One of the earlier examples of BMC desperation at the lack of modern product. Once this one failed, and Labour's stapling together of British Leyland was complete, they did a really nice MGB GT V8 with the Rover version of the old Buick 215.

    It was, of course, urinated on by Jaguar and Triumph as being a threat to their turf, and was quickly snuffed.

  2. Yes, this one reeks of the flop sweat that BMC shed copiously as its saw its sports models continually getting their doors blown off by cheeky Triumph TR3s and, later, TR4s. Dropping in the 2.9 liter six, which "only" weighs 595 lbs, makes this one a delight for those who enjoy bags of understeer. This one is a reasonably good example of a reasonably bad idea. Some cars deserve to be rare and the more rare the better,

  3. Things are a bit slow here on DT lately. Time for something a bit different! Here's a fun video featuring a hilarious car chase. The song is one of the many harkening back to 80s synth pop. It's not great (unless that's your thing - I happen to like it), but check out the rad visuals!


    1. K2, does this tickle your throwback fancy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUNbwy9f3gc

    2. Gnarly, dude! Thanks, PhiLOL! I like the song, too. Reminds me of John Carpenter's work, which I love.

  4. Keeping with the 80s throwback videos featuring cars theme, here's another!


  5. Mary PopKids do it their way.


  6. The starting bid is higher than the car is worth, never mind the reserve. This appears to be one of those "honey, I really am trying to sell the car, look, it's on eBay right now!" cars. The 6cyl are neat, but should command a 50% premium over the 4cyl cars and this would be a $6k car if it were a 4cyl. The light yellow isn't helping it any.

    1. Hey, that yellow is, as far as I'm concerned, THE MGB COLOR.

      Virtually every MGB I remember from my childhood was that color, and should I ever fall prey to that disease it's probably the only color I'd consider.

      Okay, if I started with a builder it might end up BMW Dakar Yellow, but otherwise...

    2. It's more of an off-white, I think my monitor is off. However wouldn't BRG or that medium blue (original color?) be better? I'm also more of a black interor fan.

  7. Crêpes Suzette, there's another one with a woman driving a first gen MR2 and for the life of me I can't remember who it was. Ladyhawke rings a bell, but I can't find a video of her doing that.

  8. Triumph GT6. Aka easy bake oven on wheels due to the transmission heat, but like it better than the MGC all the same.


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