Tuesday, March 24, 2015

10k: Supercharged: 1967 MG MGB GT

 The MGB has been a frequent visitor on these pages, so much you might think we've gotten out of hand, but this next one is just too good to pass up.  Another V8 swap? An MGBcamino?  No, this one is a little more subtle, and while it looks just like your average MGB GT from the outside, it has a surprise under the hood.  Find this 1967 MG MGB GT with Moss Motors blower offered for $9,500 in Malvern, PA via craigslist. Tip from Fuel Truck.

Although bitten by the MGB bug many times, I've never taken one home from the pound, but back in the corner of my mind I've always thought I'd budget for a Moss Motors supercharger with any purchase.  At $4k retail they run about as much as a beater MGB, but the 50% increase in horsepower/torque to the rear wheels is going to be appreciated every time you get behind the wheel.

The little 1.8 liter inline-4 pushes out around 90ish horsepower at the crankshaft, but adding the puffer increases it to about 140.  You will also notice the 70% increase in torque around 2000 rpm but the idle quality, NVH, and other issues normally associated with performance engines will be absent.

The interior of this MGB GT looks a bit tired, but you can get all manner of replacement interior parts from Moss Motors or other online sellers. 

See another wire wheel equipped classic for sale? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. The interesting bit about this car is that it's being sold by a restoration shop that specializes in Brit cars. So the question remains; why didn't they do the work that they suggested in the in ad? Is there something wrong with this car or they just want to unload it for a customer or something? It's a bit odd, this one. Maybe there's a perfectly logical and acceptable reason.

    1. Because economics. Anyone who has restored a car and sold it knows that you never recoup the costs of restoration in the sale price. Those of us who buy old cars, or even those of us who just wander the internet looking at old cars and imagine buying them, know that we wouldn't pay as much for a restored car as it would have cost to restore it.

      Well, the same applies to restoration shops. If they restore the car and then try to sell it, people like us will look at the price and say, "Well, that seems like a lot..." and pass. They will have a car sitting around for months or many months, with a whole lot of money invested in it, and no sure line of sight to a sale.

      So when restoration shops get a solid car that could use some light restoration, they often will ensure that it is a runner and drives nicely: replace the plugs, clean the carb, align the wheels, change the fluids, adjust the brakes, grease the suspension joints, and then offer it for sale. Then they've made money on the trade and the basic work. And, they can reel the customer in with further restoration work. "Yeah, it's a great car now, and for only $9k. But imagine how it would be if you drove it for the summer, then brought it back in the fall and we can start work on some of those cosmetic issues. For just (mumble) you can have... "

      Because we are human, $9k now, then time passes, and (mumble) at some point in the future, feels like a better deal than $9+(mumble)k right now.

  2. Awesome find, Fuel Truck. I love the hardtop on an MGB. I love a tiny supercharger on a tiny engine. I even love the color.

  3. The absence of lift shots when the car is being sold by a shop that almost certainly has a lift suggests that rust may be a problem. The most important areas to check are the sills that run between the fender arches.The battery boxes for the twin 6V batteries are prone to corrosion and if the drain holes in the bottoms of the doors have become plugged corrosion is inevitable. Best bet is to have someone knowledgeable in MGB's inspect for corrosion before you buy. These things can all be repaired, but repairing the sills requires an expert because they're key structural members and they control the alignment of everything else.

    1. Precisely, Higgs Boson's Mate.

  4. I have been in love with these since they were new and I was a kid. I made certain never to put my paws on one but am certain to have left a nose print on a driver's window or two, lol.
    This particular MGBGT has one of the greatest color combination ever for a British car, with grey over red interior. With the supercharger I would want to run steel wheels, me thinks. It would be tough to toodle about in this car with all that power on tap and I know I would be pushing the envelope and stressing the wires.
    As for the vending shop leaving work for the new owner, there would be no return in it for them to do it on their nickel. Paint has become stupidly expensive in my part of the world.

  5. +1 on this color combo. I always thought that my ES would get a fresh, bare metal coat of California White when I get to that point. But, that gray over red looks like it would translate to the Volvo's lines very nicely. The interior would likey have to be custom, but that's not a huge deal.

    Love the post car, btw. Because shooting brake.

  6. This poor car has been making the rounds on the popular auto blogs. I saw it and commented last week, when the price was almost $3000 less. The obvious red flags are the dreaded tin worm. Being from "back East" oxidation is more than probably there, although none shows on the few photos available. The Grampion Grey over red interior is a very handsome combination even though the seats aren't the original (not really a deal breaker in my book). The price tag for the supercharger is close to half the asking price, before installation, and goes a long way toward making this a bargain buy. My only problem, this car has almost two weeks national exposure on one vintage board and one MGB board, and hasn't been scooped up yet. It would be interesting to hear from someone who has actually seen the car, and can comment as to whether it is a roach that has been well photographed, or a good car that no one can pony up the $$$ to scoop up.
    If I didn't have a 67 Roadster, an 80 LE and a 74.5GT taking up space in my shop, I would be seriously considering a trip to the East Coast.
    Have fun

  7. Replies
    1. Extra special bonus points for being a rare Mercedes-Benz built MGB GT. Those were the best.


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