Wednesday, March 4, 2015

10k: Picture Perfect: 1965 Volvo 122S Amazon

When selling a car, a big part of the sellers job is to let the buyer feel like he could be in each picture without getting too crazy.  For a classic car, the purchase comes from the emotional side of your brain, not the logical side, so the rules are different.  Simply put, the classic car seller can use dramatic lighting, interesting composure, and post processing filters to give the photos a vintage feel that allows the buyer to connect with the car at a particular time/place.  Don't get what I'm saying?  Okay, just check out the pictures of this 1965 Volvo 122S (Amazon) offered here on eBay, currently bidding for $7,101 with 4 days to go, located in Tehachapi, CA.

Even if you have zero interest in driving around in an old Volvo, you've got to admit that the photos from the hills above the LA basin evoke a certain feeling.  The yellow hues of a morning sun give you the feeling of a cool spring day and the over-saturated and overexposed images are well done.  The same car shown in the crowded streets of an urban environment wouldn't have nearly the same effect.  I can almost see myself putting down some back country road with this thing-- with family and picnic basket in tow. 

The feel good aspect of the exterior shots can almost make you ignore the copious amount of overspray under the hood.  Given the choice between leaving the engine bay alone and spraying everything down like a prisoner getting deloused, I'd prefer the former.  The B18 inline-4 should be good for around 115 horsepower with the twin-SU carb setup.

The interior doesn't look bad, and some owner in the past few years has spent some time freshening things up.  More overspray is apparent on the hinges, latches, and weather stripping, but if the paint is at least 12 months old and isn't showing any signs of coming apart, it could be a nice job.

See a better way to sell an old classic?


  1. God I wish there were an easy way to fit an sbc in there.

    1. Yeah, kinda unlikely.

      But, hey, there's plenty of turbo four options that ought to go just fine...

    2. Yeah, kinda unlikely.

      But, hey, there's plenty of turbo four options that ought to go just fine...

  2. I'm reminded of the dress that the internet lost its composure over last week. So is this car red and white, or is it purple and blue? :)

      That should answer a lot of questions about the year and bits on this one....


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