Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mid Week Match-Up: Best Traffic Commuter

It's Wednesday, so that means it's time for another edition of Daily Turismo's better than rinsing your contact lenses with oatmeal game also known as Mid Week Match-Up! Last week's search for the best 6-cylinder car achieved an eye-watering 65 comments (good job guys!) but this week we widen the net even more.  Find me the best commuter for a traffic clogged city (Los Angeles for instance).

The greater LA area has fantastic weather, so you'd expect the logical choice to be some cheap slushbox convertible, but commuting in a ragtop in LA is like going to a sauna in a Wookie suit.  It sounds like a good idea on paper, but ends up with screaming strangers, sweaty hair in your mouth, and tears....lots of tears. Instead, I'm going to suggest this 1978 Alvis 101 Scorpion light reconnaissance tank located here on eBay.  This will literally tear through traffic like a hot knife through idiots who don't know how to drive without looking at their cell phones and updating their facebash status.

What would you recommend for a commuter vehicle for the urban jungle? Comments below.


  1. Fleetwood T. BroughamFebruary 18, 2015 at 11:32 AM

    Here's my answer.......easier parking, lane splitting, slim chance of getting caught in the rain......yep, this is my ultimate LA commuter vehicle. (hey, you never said it had to be a car or truck).


    1. ^^^sorry---facepalming my own didn't look THAT big in the image preview.

  2. Yup, and wearing a blue/gold helmet with this one doesn't hurt. Speaking of lane-splitting there's a difference to impersonating a motorcycle riding law enforcement officer and paying homage to them, by dressing like them! :)

  3. The correct answer.

    Seriously. Anything with wheels is going to end up stuck at one point or another. And with a helicopter you can live off in the high desert somewhere with a yard big enough for an LZ and still commute to the west side in 20 minutes or less. One of my friends does this when he doesn't feel like riding his motorcycle (he happens to work just north of SMO).

  4. That Scorpion per the listing 'CONVERTED TO RUN ON PROPANE' so I'm assuming it still has the Jag 4.2 engine in it viz the Cummins six that replaced it during a later overhaul.

    The only proper solution to the LA commute involves going over it, take your choice of airborne conveyance and make sure you've got a place to getoutta and a place to getinta.

  5. 300zx:

    mazda rx7(first gen)

    mazda rx7[la version](second gen)

    vw fox(bird poop included)

    nissan b13 SER rally (proof included)

    bmw 735IL

  6. The Elio. If it gets built. 84 MPGs, AC, carpool lane rights, air bags.


    1. Yeah the problem with the Elio is that it is a pyramid scheme. Even if it didn't start out that way, that is what it has become. It will never go into production.

  7. Hey if you had this no one would pass you at least...


  8. Dear DT, you've got to be more specific with these queries; "the best LA commuter" is just too broad. Price range? Fuel economy? Worried about image or not? Significant other/rugrat friendly? Reality be damned? There needs to be more parameters.

    1978 Mercury Zephyr Z7 Coupe 69K $3400

    1971 FIAT 500L $14K

    Pontiac Trans Am Firehawk Convertible 33K$15K

    1967 Volvo 122 $17K

    1988 Laforza $500

  9. Nothing that requires a lane of traffic is going to be an optimal LA commute vehicle.

    You either armor up and hop on your Hayabusa and take advantage of that provision of California law that always leaves the out-of-staters scratching their heads ('You mean that's LEGAL?') right up until some mirror-challenged Prius driver punts you into the median.

    Or you go over, in which case you'd better have access to places near your start and end points to getouta and getinta, if they're large and not noise-sensitive you might as well commute like the Apollo astronauts did, two spinning things (afterburners even!), two seats, don't forget the centerline luggage pod you'll need it for that Trader Joe's run:

    Or maybe how the Mercury astronauts commuted, if you don't mind riding around on one early blowtorch:

    A little more modern, a little more complete, quieter fan motor but only one of 'em, the favorite of tech plutocrats:

    The ultimate cool-factor commuter, and at 1 hour SMOH you'll have a while to build up your kitty for going through those V1710s next time:

    If your kerosene budget is tapped out then a few other alternatives:

    Or you can just move somewhere else.


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