Sunday, February 1, 2015

Low Pressure Sale: 10 Classic 50s/60s Cars For Sale

Super Bowl XLIX (brought to you by Norvartis) is going to start in a few minutes and as a tribute to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, the Daily Turismo is happy to feature the following batch of barn fresh cars with carefully lowered tire air pressure. Find them here on craigslist located in Saratoga, NY with prices from $7500 to $12,000.

Per the seller

1965 Ford Thunder Bird, 390 V8, Auto, Convertible, Interior is in good shape no cracks in seats or door panels, convertible top is in good shape. Rear window is in great shape, no rust clean car. Also has wheel skirts $10,000
63 Meteor, 2dr, V8, car is in amazing shape, look at the pics, this car is mint!. The only thing it needs is the bottom side of the door panels (interior). This car was only made for 2 yrs. $8500.00

66 Fairlane Convertible, Original 289, Needs rear plastic window in convertible, car is in great shape. $8500.00

68 Valiant, 4 door, Chrysler V8 318 engine, Power House, Nice 3 Tone paint $8000.00

54 2 Door, This car is all original and is mint for all original. Flat head 6cyl, Power glide trans, a real nice car. Has all trim. $12,000.00

51 Victoria, 2 door all original, solid car, 1st year of the Victoria. $8800.00

1949 studebaker 2 door, 283 V8, Pull door handles, 3spd Auto on floor $8000.00

50 Marion, 2 Door Coupe, Buick regal interior, Original windshield visor, Very Good condition. Original engine. $8000.00

66 Polara. 2 Door, Convertible, V8 383, Car is in great shape, needs rear window on convertible, has all original hub caps. $7500.00

48 2 DOOR COUPE Special Deluxe Edition. Everything on this car original!! EVERYTHING Flat Head V6 $7500.00

Looks like a great collection of classics.  Can you find any more classics that need a few more PSI in their tires?


  1. It would be nice if they would actually show each of the cars for sale instead of half of them. I guess it's that cost per picture of processing and posting to Craigslist... Oh wait, there is no cost..

    1. Yeah, the seller obviously can not be bothered with minor details like that. If you want one show up with the money, if not he can't be bothered with you.

  2. If this were a zillion miles closer I'd go have a look.


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