Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5k: Ultimate Survivor: 1982 Audi Coupe

The B2 generation Audi Coupe was an attempt by Audi to offer a cheaper version of its race bred Audi Quattro from 1980 to 1988.  The Coupe is more subtle in appearance than the Quattro, but it still looks like something special when you compare it to the other German cars on the market in the 1980s. A low mile all-original survivor example is certainly temping, will the meager performance leave you wanting more?  Find out by buying this 1982 Audi Coupe here on eBay currently bidding for $4,750 with 1 day to go located in Grand Junction, CO.

The Audi coupe isn't universally adored by all car folks, but it does have a large (and vocal) group of supporters. This particular example is covered in its original coat of Surinam Red Metallic and looks just about as nice of a survivor as you are going to find.  The current seller purchased it from the estate of a friend and describes it as a 1-owner car, because somehow his 6 months of ownership don't count.  Whatever, I like 2-owner cars too, mostly because it means he fixed up the things that had been neglected by the aged owner and detailed it.  Sure, he'll make a few bucks on the "flip" but the seller clearly isn't your average fly-by-night car flipper and appears to be an Audi enthusiast who decided not to keep the car after a few months of driving it.

The Coupe GT is powered by a 2,2 liter inline-5 cylinder Audi engine that puts 134 horsepower into the front wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox.  The inline-5 is mounted so far forward in the engine bay that the radiator is mounted under that plastic shroud to the right of the engine.

The interior looks in great shape for a 33 year old car and the seller claims everything works.  The seats could stand to be recovered and there are a few cracks on the dash, but it looks great for the current bidding price. 

See a better survivor for the Audi lover?


  1. Front-drive, 134HP, K-jet mechanical fuel injection, what's not to like?

    As you note, they were a fairly nice car for their time, but if you gotta have front-drive that $4750 will get you any one of three really nice looking 9000 Aeros over at the Saabnet classifieds, ten years newer, much (MUCH) faster, more room, more grip, more of just about everything but rings.

  2. I would want to see stanceworks do a number on this one.

  3. Off on horsepower; these were the earlier 100 horsepower inline-5s.

  4. FYI, German Cars For Sale Blog also featured this car and has some good detailed information about this specific import and what set it apart from other B2 Audis.


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