Sunday, February 15, 2015

5k: Monster & Mini: 1972 Honda N600 4X4

 Launched in 1970, the N600 was the first Honda to ever be officially imported to the USA.  It was Kei car in size, but it used a larger watercooled engine that gave it slightly better performance than you might expect from its outward appearance. The only thing Honda didn't do was create a 4X4 offroad version, which the builder of today's example has been nice enough to do for us.  Find this 1972 Honda N600 4X4 offered for $7,500 in Rocklin, CA.

Unfortunately, very little of the plucky N600 remains under the Honda skin -- it uses a Suzuki Samurai suspension and GM 2.8 liter V6.  Who knows if it is competent in the dirt, but it should be good for plenty of laughs and smiles.

See another 4X4 Honda? Send it here:


  1. Looks like it was built to roll.
    39's on a N600 Now i've seen it all!

  2. This is absolutely amazing. This machine is built from 100% pure awesome.

  3. It's pretty impressive when the platform for your monster truck is a Samurai...


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