Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5k: The Hobbit Truck: 1948 Ford F-550 Cabover

 When I first started writing the Daily Turismo, people would ask me; why are you looking at me writing about these cars?  My typical answer was because I enjoyed finding and sharing stock or wild rides, and each time I find a new and interesting model I learn a little more.  What will you do when you see everything? Of course, I'll never see everything I would say...that was before I found this 1948 Ford F-550 Cabover "Hobbit Truck" here on eBay currently bidding for $6,100 located in Sacramento, CA. 

This thing comes directly from some twisted Peter Jackson world, where Gandalf the Grey is replaced by Humphrey Bogart's character from "They Drive by Night." Peter Jackson has already trampled upon JRR Tolkien's grave by completely re-writing most of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, so why not turn the Shire into Baggin's Mobile Home Park -- most of those stinky barefooted hobbits are always smoking crack, avoiding the war, and eating -- the Shire might as well be a trailer park. 

I've always wondered what it would be like after I'd seen everything.  It isn't quite like the state of nirvana as described by Buddhists or Hindus, but it is more like the feeling I get after I eat an entire deep dish pizza and chase it with a barbacoa burrito from Chipotle.  Where do I go from here? How do I get up off the sofa?  Even the TV remote in my lap seems terminally heavy...

I want to live in it.  I want to install a mobile hot spot next to the wood burning stove (who puts a wood burning stove inside a wooden mobile home anyway???) and write the Daily Turismo while riding comfortably inside this thing.  Will I even write the Daily Turismo after I abandon my family and live in it? Will there be a Daily Turismo tomorrow???  Tune in tomorrow to find out...


  1. This is so wrong, it's right! I wonder if the handling changed when he added the extension out back for the turret?

  2. I love it. Want to live inside.

  3. Pretty groovy just don't drink the red kool aid!

    1. It was flavor-aid, actually. (That's what happens when you wiki Jim Jones after a snifter of Jack. Or so.)

      I think you would have to swear off bathing for the rest of your life as required to live in this rolling hidey-hole. You also must be able to speak to the animals. Fluently.

  4. If you had like seven of these on a nice plot of land, I think it would count as some kind of bizarre personal success on Facebook. I wonder how difficult it is to get sewer and electrical set up on a lot in Florida.

    Also, I bet the air drag noise inside of that thing is magnificent at anything above 30mph.

  5. You'd pull up to the vantage point and everyone would turn around and start taking pictures of you!

  6. Surprised the Elizabeth Warren campaign hasn't picked it up already

  7. Nobody has ever dropped acid in this thing. Ever.

  8. Holy Crap! This would be so perfect for camping at the 12hrs of Sebring! I heard a story (but couldn't confirm with a quick Google search) that the race was canceled one year and people showed up and partied anyway. want this so badly but I have nowhere to park it so I'll have to just dream.

  9. I love these cabover trucks and it is much more reasonable than the MB Kurzhauber which is on e-Bay. I doubt if most RV parks would let you in even if you can pay the rent? They usuall prefer more vanilla vehicles. I would probably end up on "No Name Key" in Fla with that and use solar for the batteries. I absolutely love it, just not sure that I could convince a woman to join me?

  10. Near Sacramento? This is what Jerry Brown lived in while Arnold was the gobernator. Now that change has occurred and the west coast apocalypse has been pushed back, it's available. . .

  11. There were many of these around back in the day. Theres even a book published about owner built "mobile" homes. Kinda like it. Wonder how much it shakes under way


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