Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5k: Good Golly Miss Stolly: 1960s Alvis FV622 Stalwart 6x6 Amphibious

Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me.  I live in a city, a big concrete jungle. The nearest open space is 50 miles (and 4 hours on a Friday afternoon) due east from my home. Parking vehicles on the street has almost been outlawed in its entirety and forget owning a plot of land with space for big toys.  Fun has been all but outlawed in the name of safety in this big mass of huddled people called Southern California....however, whenever I see something like this, I can't help but want to hit that buy-it-now button.  Find this 1960s Alvis FV620 Stalwart 6x6 Amphibious here on eBay currently bidding for $5,400 with a few hours to go, located in Santa Clarita, CA.

This is the real deal.  Humvees are for washed up actors and ex-governors -- poseurs.  This 6X6 amphibious monstrosity is for the real Chuck Norrises of the world.  Oddly enough the seller calls it a cargo truck and mentions a "boat fuel tank" but never connects the dots -- this monster floats and moves in the water via vectored thrust water jets at speeds up to 6 knots.

Enter the passenger cabin through one of two large roof hatches (no doors on a boat...right?) and hop into the center located driver's seat.  Don't expect Lexus levels of comfort, but when was the last time you used a Lexus to haul 5 metric tonnes of garbage into the pacific ocean?

Power comes from a 6.5 liter Rolls Royce B81 Mark 8B inline-eight gasoline engine rated at who knows what amount of horsepower.  The speedo optimistically has tick marks at 50 mph.

I wonder if I could keep this at a boat slip in the ocean?  Could be cheaper than finding the 4 parking spots necessary for long term parking.


  1. What are the rearview mirrors for? I would only drive this thing forward and over whatever stands in its way.

    1. Yeah, but when you're in uniform the platoon sergeant expects them all to be parked exactly 18in apart.

  2. Cargo bed more useful for tailgate parties than the turreted version would be.

    You could get a whole cheerleader squad in that thing.

  3. Take heed: if you buy this you are virtually required to "swan dive".

  4. Drop a Rolls Merlin ThunderBoat Motor in it !

  5. The "Stalwart" has a small but fanatic group of supporters in the UK. Stewart originally designed these to support tank battalions during the heyday of the Cold War and the selling point is that they car carry fuel, ammo, support crew anywhere and be able to cross rivers and lakes after "strategic assets" (i.e. bridges) were destroyed. I understand that they are a bear to drive on paved roads due to their lack of differentials and that the axels get wound up and the Stalwart needs to be jacked to let them "unwind".

    All in all, a perfect vehicle for living on a semi-remote island in the Upper Great Lakes OR taking your kid to school on snowy days!

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