Thursday, February 5, 2015

5k: Glamping Like A King: 1953 Cadillac Series-62 Camper

The Series-62 Cadillac (1948-1953) is a Harley Earl designed beauty, a classic by any measure of the word.  It was available new from a Cadillac dealer as a 2 door hardtop, 4 door sedan, and 2 door convertible...but it was never available as a camper...until now.  Find this 1953 Cadillac Series-62 Camper offered for $3,665 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

This Cadillac glamper (glamping is an amalgam of the words glamour and camping -- a hipster expression for camping like a king) is sold from a seller who inlcudes one single picture and limited details on its condition...but as luck would have it DT's own CFlo found a previous ebay listing from 2011 courtesy of, an Italian car blog.

The older pictures show more of the Cadillac and the Italian site claims the car was offered for $1,525 buy-it-now at the time.  Factor this into any offers you may make.

The interior is aged, but it looks to have a full RV interior with a sink, stove, bed(s), and fridge -- but no toilet. You will need to spend some time/money on reconditioning this thing before it can offer a good glamping experience, but the basic vehicle is so awesome that it'll be worth it.

See another camper on a classic for less?


  1. This is all sorts of awesomeness. Talk about blowing peoples minds on the road!

    There is a place near where I live where people Glamp. It is call El Capitan beach. $160 for a tent $250 for a cabin. It is so ridiculous. They will come and start your fire and deliver marshmallows. If things get too tough out there you can eat at the rustic cafe. There are so many hipsters that go there it is embarrassing. One would thing with all of the flannels, beards, and redwing boots someone would know how to chop wood?

    1. Half the fun of owning this would be leaving the exterior just as it is and dressing in character to match its appearance. Then, to seek out a place like you've described where you'd just drop in, but not to for roasting marshmallows, just "harshing their mellows"! :) (but then I'm a little sadistic when it comes to hipsters)

    2. [img][/img]

  2. This thing needs a better camper on it, like an Avion

    1. There's another Cadillac Camper in there!



  3. Indeed, it does! That camper deserves it's own feature!

  4. Check this out for some additional info on these campers.

  5. These were really common in the must have been featured in a popular magazine.

  6. I wonder how they beefed up the suspension. I don't think even a commercial/ambulance/hearse suspension could stand up under that load...

  7. Obligatory comment about the dagmars: "Hey, hey buster, my headlights are up here."


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