Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5k: E21 Baur Targa: 1983 BMW 320

 The E21 Baur Targa was the closest the Germans ever came to building a mechanical mullet (Monday morning in the front, Friday night out back), and featured a folding soft top in the back and a targa-style soft roof above the driver/passenger.  The result is convertible fun in the sun while retaining chassis rigidity and safety by keeping an intact B-pillar roll hoop.  The Baur Targa cars came from a time when BMW didn't offer the 3 Series in drop top and the modifications were done by Karosserie Baur when new, maintaining a factory BMW warranty.  Find this 1983 BMW 320 E21 Baur Targa offered for $3,999 in Lithonia, GA.  Tip from Boomer.

The Baur Targa version of the E21 3 Series uses the same M20 inline-6 cylinder engine as the standard 3er; in fact the 4500 E21 Baurs all started life as simple 3 Series before they were modified.  This particular Baur is offered with a seized engine and "SOME RUST HERE AND THERE" (ALLCAPS are seller's, not mine).

 The top needs some reconditioning...ehhh....who am I kidding, this thing is a total wreck, but if you want a cheap Baur for a project, this fits the bill.

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  1. This makes me sad. She deserves better than this. Someone please give her a good home and make her right.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. That is Baur #2581, one of only 25 E21 US Spec Baurs that BMW officially imported to North America, 22 of which went to Canada. This one went to Canada originally. The engine has been changed, apparently, because it was imported with the 4 cylinder US Spec M10. These Baurs are historical artifacts, in that their unusual design was in direct response to the fear (at the time) that governments might outlaw convertibles due to their safety risk in a rollover. Hence the built-in roll bar. Form follows function. This car looks like a project, but if Baurs ever achieve Collectible Status, this is one of the 25 US imports. That is rare! More info and pics on this car here: http://baurspotting.blogspot.com/2014/12/rare-us-spec-e21-baur-for-sale-in.html

    2. As tom82baur pointed out, this car is an important piece of history. It needs to be saved and preserved. Just not by me.

    3. $4k for a non-running project? Yikes.


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