Saturday, February 7, 2015

5k: Dennis Gage Owned: 1963 Ford Thunderbird

We featured Dennis Gage's 1990 Ford Taurus SHO, and it appears that his garage purge continues.  Perhaps the price of mustache wax and oil are inversely related, but we love the idea of picking up a nicely maintained classic from a nice guy like the My Classic Car host. This time the sale is for a 1963 Ford Thunderbird that is currently bidding for $6,100 with no reserve found here on eBay, located in Evansville, IN.  Tip from Rene.

The 3rd generation "bullet nose" Thunderbird isn't a rare collectable like its older 1st generation brother, but it does have a following and is an interesting car. Production was started for the 1961 model year and lasted through 1963 and was remarkably successful with 214,000 built in those years. 

Power under that long hood comes from a 390 cubic inch (6.4 liter) version of Ford's FE V8, rated at 300 horsepower and 427 ft-lbs of stump pulling torque.  The FE engine is a big brute, but parts and rebuilds are cheap, no need to do something silly like swap in a 5.0.

The 3rd generation Thunderbird was quite famous in its day -- one was used in JFK's inaugural parade and Elvis owned one.  This one has a decently preserved interior, some wear/tear, but very liveable for the current bidding price.

See another classic T-bird for sale?


  1. This is the car I've been looking for, not perfect but solid. I just wish I would have found the cash first...

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  3. I used to sneer at all the later Thunderbirds, from the Squarebirds right up until the Telnack Fox 'Bird of 1983.

    I've mellowed a lot toward the '58-67s. They're a wonderful period piece.

    What came along in '68 was still a nightmare, though.


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