Thursday, February 19, 2015

5k: Czech Mark: 1983 Skoda 105 Luxe

 The Skoda 105/120/125 was a compact family car built in Czechoslovakia from 1976 through 1990.  Almost two million of the rear-engine rear-drive cars were built to shuttle communist era Czech and Slovak families from their homes to dreary jobs at the salt mines.  Build quality is isn't going to be great, but somehow I can't help but want to take it for a spin.  Perhaps you should buy it and then give me a ride so I get it out of my system.  Find this 1983 Skoda 105L offered for $6,500 in New Orleans, LA via craigslist.  Tip from K2 Mystery Car.

The 105 L (L for Luxe) is powered by a rear mounted 1.05 liter inline-4 mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox.  A rating of 44 horsepower means you will spend a fair amount of your time with the throttle pegged to the floor, but it is everything you'd need to get around town.  This is a car you'll want to drive slowly so that gawking pedestrians can check it out.

See another car that you don't really need, but if you owned it for a while, you could czech off a box?


  1. The CL ad has a nice historical writeup about the car, obviously copy and pasted from another source. I was bummed that it didn't detail much about this particular car. I would love to know how it ended up in New Orleans.

  2. How much fun would it be to race this against the Suzuki Samurai? You could just keep your foot down the entire time in the Skoda and only have to let up in the Samurai when you got to a curve.

  3. A "nice" Skoda is a bit of an oxymoron. This 1959 Felicia convertible might be a better deal...if you like lockjaw.

    1. ROAD TRIP!!!!

      I have my tetanus shot.

      So ugly it's cute? -check
      Orders of magnitude oddity factor? -check
      Convertible? -check
      Dead stick simple? -check
      Tiny engine that will have you driving 10/10ths of its capabilities at 50mph? -check
      No way to ever recoup a single dollar of work you put into it? -check

      I could probably even flat-tow it behind my Suzuki SX4.

      Must.... resist.... urge.....

    2. What could it look like...1960 Skoda Felicia convertible auction. It's hard to say that's unattractive, surprisingly.


  4. I like how the CL map indicates the car is located one block off Poland Ave.......

  5. Ready for Taxi service in a soviet one bock area !


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