Thursday, February 19, 2015

5k: Chipotle: 1999 Burro Travel Trailer

Old school Airstream trailers look like big aluminum foil wrapped burritos, filled with open road fun, family adventure, and barbacoa.  Unwrap that aluminum foil cover and inside you find a burrito...well..actually, if you unwrapped an Airstream you'd find a Burro.  Like this 1999 Burro offered here on eBay currently bidding for $3,250 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go.

The Burro is a fiberglass trailer that looks to be made from two pieces with a large seam down the middle.  The result is that it looks like a giant plastic Easter egg colored to look like a hearing aid.  No paint or polish needed, and I'd clean it by soaking in a giant bucket.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be the hidden choke-able in a Kinder Surprise, just waiting anxiously to be devoured by a small children, this is it!!  There is ample room for a family on the inside because the trailer needs to reinforcing superstructure -- the burrito shell is hard and crunchy like a chimichanga.  Everybody knows plastic walls make for great acoustics, but they are also really easy to clean. 

See a better trailer for hauling behind a Saturn?


  1. Expect angry letters from Airstream fans incensed that you'd dare compare this cheap lightweight towable to their beloved travelers in 3...2...

    That said, it's a pretty basic thing, with no real bathroom or plumbing. Much nicer lightweights available, I'd think.

  2. Chipotle is a smoked pepper...that would imply that this burrito had been smoked in by a spicy character, or had been in a fire...hopefully neither is the case.

    I've never seen one of these but am intrigued and can't help but wonder how well it would work as a camping rig on larger all-terrain tires, towed by my FZJ80 Land Crusher.

  3. So you have to be a Jackass to own it...

  4. So you have to be a Jackass to own it...

  5. So you have to be a Jackass to own it...

  6. I used to have one. Very light, has only one seam, so it is about as leak proof as you can get (unlike most corrugated ones) and most have a rot-proof floor (unlike the Caisita). You'd be surprised at how many people love the shape, too.


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