Wednesday, February 4, 2015

15k: Upsidedown Cheesecake: 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Convertible Turbo

There's also no hiding the fact that Corvairs are going up in price, making them a solid investment for the fair weather driver who wants a car that be used as a daily driver, be easily prepped to be a fun weekend autocrosser or used as an easy going targa vehicle; for less than the price of a very basic new car.  This next feature is a 1965 Corvair Convertible Turbo offered for $15,900 in Upland, CA via craigslist.

DT's in-house Corvairologist Hunsbloger picked up on this car in early January when the asking price was $17,900, but a month later we received a tip from DT reader FuelTruck and we noticed the price has dropped by $2k.  This is good, because it means the seller isn't some kind of sociopath who is trying to recuperate every penny he has ever dropped in the car or is trying to get Hagerty value for the car.  The drums up front could be swapped for discs, but otherwise the turbo power and yellow/tan paint color seem like a great combo.

Under the hood...errr trunk is a 2.7 liter flat-6 that is turbocharged (but not intercooled) to 180 (SAE gross) horsepower and mated to a 4-speed manual transaxle.  The aftermarket carburetor might add a few ponies but it looks lame compared tot he coffee-can stock intake/carb setup.

The interior of this Corvair isn't bad at all, and features a decent set of tan/brown seats and matching door cards.

 See another car that needs a set of period specific mags?


  1. Upside down cheesecake is brilliant.
    This is the best looking and best drivetrain of a Corvair for me...

  2. There are no 'q's in sociopath......but there are sociopaths in my in-laws.....
    Technology WAY ahead of its day. Yes?

  3. A Corvair is somewhere near the top of my bucket list, should I fail to kick before completing the current batch of projects.

    They are beautiful. The proportions are completely un-Detroit, and it's still beautiful. GM in that era could have made the Internal Revenue Code look good.

    The one turbo Corsa I've driven was unpleasantly laggy, and they don't have a great rep for all-around drivability.

    Like virtually every Detroit convertible of the day the structure is floppy as hell, I think it got the same weights-in-a-can resonance dampers stuck out in the corners of the fenders that a lot of other GM convertibles did, but they are pretty. The coupes are pretty. The sedans are pretty. They're just all pretty. Buy one and save it.

  4. I would probably never use this color combo but it really looks great. I bet this a really nice car to drive.


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