Monday, February 16, 2015

15k: No Post: 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

If you remember the Coffee Brake two weeks ago, I asked if it was possible to build a sweet replica trans-am racer Falcon for less than the $40k reserve (or whatever the car sold for off eBay in a behind the scenes deal). The general consensus from the comments was that the car could easily cost what it sold for in the end, but I still think you can build an awesome Falcon restomod for cheap, but you've got to start with the right skeleton.  Like this 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint offered here on eBay currently bidding for $12,300 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go.

The bidding is closing in on $15k -- big money for a '63 Falcon, but this car comes with a number of positives, including the cool black exterior, red interior, 4-speed gearbox, factory dash tach, fresh suspension rebuild, new exhaust, and BF Goodrich tires on Cragar wheels.

 Under the hood isn't the original 260 cubic inch V8 (the seller will provide this with the car), but it is a 302 V8 from a 1991 Mustang GT.  The '91 Mustang would have been good for 225 horsepower an 300 ft-lbs of torque, but this engine is clearly modified and could be pushing 300 hp if done right.

The interior is covered in bright red and looks in decent shape, but the seats do show some signs of wear. It won't matter if you are going to swap in some racing buckets and turn this into a trans-am style track car.

See another better starter for a resto-racer project?


  1. That's purrty. Keep the 302 and push it up a few notches. I'd do brakes and suspension. Otherwise I'd leave it the way it is and drive it all summer.

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  3. Here is a 64 that is almost as purrty.

  4. I love it. Cheap, fast, classy and bad-ass. Another example of a car that has found a blue-collar job somewhere between concours and basket case.

  5. A buddy in high school had a 63 convertible. It had a 221 V8. I never hear anyone mention that engine.
    We could not kill that engine even with the two of us wrenching on it in auto-shop and testing it daily with neutral drops!

  6. A seriously cool car, but no, sorry. You can't duplicate the one last week for the $40 K or what ever it went for. That being said, you could buy this one, and if it's not rusty upgrade the suspension and brakes and keep things under $30K


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