Thursday, February 26, 2015

15k: Imported: 1964 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34

In 1961 Volkswagen introduced Der Große Karmann (the Big Karmann) featuring Razor Edge styling on the new Type 3 platform in a package designated Type 34.  The stylish coupe was built from 1962-1969 but never imported to the US market.  The US continued to get the old Type 14 Ghia, never officially receiving the handsome Type 34 that looks like a cross between a Chevy Corvair and a Lancia Fulvia.  A few have made the trip to our shores and will absolutely floor everyone at your local car show, but VW guys will know what they're looking at. Find this 1964 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34 here on eBay currently bidding for $16,642 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go, located in Gainesville, GA.

 The Type 34 Ghia is a good looking two seater, with crisp 1960s styling that is much more modern than the ('30s) Beetle or ('50s) Type 14 Ghia.  It was unfortunate that the Type 34 was never sold in the US market, as VW would probably had sold many more examples and we'd have more of them on the road today.

The Type 34 Ghia is powered by a 1.6 liter aircooled flat-4 that is good for 54 horsepower and 87 ft-lbs of torque.  It's a Type 1 engine with "pancake" cooling and accessories making it fit into the low, flat engine compartment of the Type 3. With a 4-speed manual gearbox the Ghia is good for a 90 miles per hour top speed and will keep pace with modern traffic if you keep it floored.

The interior on this resto-mod Ghia looks really nice -- the two tone exterior paint combo is continued on the inside with black seat inserts, and a white/black shift knob. Upholstery and woodgrain dash design are decidedly non-stock but that will keep the super high bidding originality freak collectors at bay, with any luck resulting in a reasonable price when the e-gavel falls.

See a cooler air cooled classic?


  1. This is my favorite-shaped VW. Great example.

  2. Agreed. Best VW lines of that era. Given that these were never sold by the US dealer network, I guess those are Euro bumpers on the featured car...? They look pretty 'murican DOT spec to me, all giganté and all.

  3. But can we possibly agree on what color it is?!


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