Thursday, February 5, 2015

15k: 429 Cobra Jet Powered: 1970 Ford Torino Coupe

 This next feature comes from DT regular Andy L who writes:  Here is a car that seems to occupy an unusual niche.  It is a real live big block muscle car with a 4-speed that has not been restored, molested or otherwise permanently devalued and falls well within the DT $20K limit.  While it is not perfect, it seems to be a car that nearly anyone could jump into and see what a blue collar gear-head of the 70's might have enjoyed.  Find this 1970 Ford Torino Coupe with 429 V8 power and 4-speed manual found here on eBay located in Gaines, MI with 1 day to go.

Nowadays, just about anything drivable with a big block and and a stick from this era is either a basket case or restored and priced stratospherically.  Here is a classic, mean-looking torque beast that you could carelessly park between two Tauruses while you are at Wal-Mart and then fry the hides on the way out of the parking lot.  No, it will not win any beauty pageants and it is not the lightest machine by any means, but it fits the bill. 

With fuel at 2 bucks a gallon you could make this your daily driver and still afford a leather jacket. If you ever decide to bring an end to your muscle car experience, you probably won't take a beating on the resale, either.  The way classic car prices have been trending, you may even make a few bucks.       

DT: Under the hood of this thing is a 429 cubic inch CobraJet version of the 385 series V8.  The CobraJet was rated at 370 horsepower (although it may have made much more if you believe the conspiracy theorists of the day) and was mated to a close ratio 4-speed manual gearbox and a  3.25:1 traction lok rear end.

See a better way to drive a big block in the snow?


  1. Oh the high school memories. Big block Torino Vs. big block Challenger. Terrible handling, brakes that were lifted from a shopping cart, all the weight up front so the backend went every direction but forward.

    How did any of us gear heads survive those days?

    Anyone who wants to know what it is like to drive one of these should listen the the Bill Cosby sketch on driving his cobra. These are scary.

  2. Snow country, check the bottoms of everything carefully.

    The late Fairlane/early Torino is not my favorite car, it's awfully big and bulky, a Maverick in Michael Moore dimension.

    That said, this looks like a nice car for the money and the chassis and brakes can readily be improved to at least tolerable behavior.

  3. I liked the movie.


    1. What you lookin' at old man?
      Walt Kowalski: Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have f@cked with? That's me.

    2. Some great lines, Eastwood was so great in that flick.


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