Tuesday, February 24, 2015

10k: V8 Powered: 1971 Triumph TR-6

On a warm summer afternoon, you pick out your best Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt, don your favorite checkered cabbie cap, and sit down in the drivers seat of your freshly waxed Triumph.  You turn the key and are greeted with a cacophonous racket..what the hell?  Somebody has swapped out of the simple inline-6 for a Chevrolet V8 and its time to see if your cap will stay put at 160mph.  Find this 1971 Triumph TR-6 with V8 swap offered for $10,700 near Reno, NV via craigslist.  Tip from Andrew M.

This thing sits perfectly and there is plenty of meat on the rear tires, but you gotta wonder about the handling dynamics of such a beast.  A stock TR6 with a tall front tire plows like a 747 without nose gear, so what is the mass of a few more cylinders on the front tires gonna do?  The lack of an under hood shot makes you wonder, but the zero interior pics suggests that it may just have some flat metal panels for door cards.

$10,700 is becoming good money for a decent turnkey TR6, so if you can find a well sorted one with a V8,this price would be reasonable if you're comfortable lacing up your own top to make it weather capable.  See a better TR6 for less? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. I just read the ad and it seems pretty sketchy, like what the hell are the talking about here: "adjustable front disc brakes off of Rick Meer's Indy car."
    And my least favorite thing, "with ten miles on motor and car upgrades." Just No. Drive it for a while, get it sorted, and call me when you've put 10,000 miles on it. Otherwise it isn't worth $10k to me; it is just another not-quite finished project with unknowable build quality.

  2. Translation of ad: " Somebody built this thing I drove it ten miles, its a POS and I want to stick someone else with it" or in the alteernative: "Car located in Lagos, please semd Amex money order"..sheesh...........

    And if it's legit the seller is a maroon.

  3. First, would love to see way more photos. With all the different parts and modifications it would be interesting to see how it all works.

    Second, this could be insanely fast if sorted out. No smog so the sky is the limit as long as it dives safe.

  4. Hmmmm-I found a couple of typos that make this ad believable-

    160-170 MPH? -w/ a 4 speed and no aerodynamics- think he meant KPH.

    Rick Meers? Seems to be confused w/ Rick Mears - THE 4 time Indy 500 winner? But rather off Mr. Meers' car- that owns the independent shop is more plausible.

  5. This ad raises more questions than it answers, and that's not the way you sell a car. Example: How do you get a 300ZX rear suspension under a foot-narrower TR6?

    The goodness/badness ratio in this thing might be positive enough to warrant saving it, but I certainly wouldn't throw ten grand at the guy based on what I know from that ad.

  6. But he did put the ><> symbol at the end...that means he doesn't lie.


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