Thursday, February 12, 2015

10k: Repeat Offender: 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider V8 Swap

 You might remember this car from when it was featured here in Oct of 2013 for an eye watering $22k.  In the meantime the seller's liver has fully metabolized the angel dust in his blood stream V8 swapped Alfa market has cooled and the seller price isn't so high.  Find this 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider with Ford V8 power offered for $13,500 located in Hayward, CA via craigslist. Tip from Gianni.

It isn't clear of this is the same seller as the previous feature, but it probably is given the location.  The sales price has dropped almost $10k and this is good because the original asking price was insane.  

The Ford 302 cubic inch V8 still looks good under the hood and covered in aftermarket parts.  It should be good for around 350 horsepower and the only question is how the seller gets past California's Soviet Union style smog regulations. 

 See a cooler V8 swapped Alfa?


  1. This car is like like ordering Pasta al pomodoro at Hooters.

    Love it!

  2. That's awful. Somehow, it works for me when it's in a Miata, but in a AR Spider? No. Misses the entire point of the car. Due to my short attention span and writing too quickly I'm worse than than the next, but I'm sure the "y" was just a boo-boo. This is not a Spyder.

    1. See? I wrote, "than than". Sheesh. Sorry, Vince.


    2. It is awful-------awfully badass! The point of a Camry is to go from A to B, but if you put awd, a Hellcat crate motor, and a 6 spd manual in it, I'm going to like it a lot better, original point be damned.

    3. I was caught in a web of whys and eyes...

    4. Ha ha! Understandable.


  3. All functional engine swaps are, in their own way, beautiful, as long as they add horsepower to the vehicle. This is no exception.

  4. The answer to a question that absolutely no one has asked.


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