Wednesday, February 11, 2015

10k: Keick In Up A Notch: 1990 Suzuki Alto RS/R TwinCam

The Suzuki Alto started life at the bottom of Suzuki's Kei car lineup back in 1979.  By the 3rd generation (1988-1994) its 125 inch length, 54 inch width, and 54 inch height made it similar in size to a pinewood derby car, but the Alto Works version with twin cam turbo power is anything but a gravity powered slowpoke.  Find this 1990 Suzuki Alto RS/R TwinCam here on eBay offered for $10,200 buy-it-now or make offer, located in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

The standard Alto may have its roots in a commercial spec Kei car (inner city food and goods delivery), but the Works version added a turbo engine, all-wheel-drive and an awesome hood snorkus, with offset but complimentary upper valence nostril...and huge gaping open mouth bumper hole.  With all those air intakes you'd expect this thing would have a quad turbo W12 under the hood...

Pop the hood and you are greeted with a 660 cc twin cam turbocharged engine that uses 12 valves, which sounds pretty lame until you realize it only has 3 cylinders.  Japanese mandated Kei horsepower limits mean that the Works version was rated at 64 horsepower, but a little birdie tells us that it makes significantly more than rated.

Hope you enjoy crashing over curbs with the 14-inch ARE wheels because this thing is right hand drive and will take some getting used to on this continent.  The interior looks in good shape, but you would expect that with 49k miles on the odo.

See another factory hod rod Kei car for sale?


  1. That is so cool, I love it. Kanpai!

  2. Just the thing for when you pull up next to a Honda City at a stoplight. Seriously though, somebody get it out of that salty slush right away.

  3. True! And the great thing about when the City is beaten, you can whip this out and ride away in shame! I always thought they were so cool. "I've got a Motocompo in my trunk!" That always impresses the ladies...


  4. So you got me curious. I'm wondering about the Alto RS/R versus City Turbo II thing. DT has already listed the specs on the Alto, so here's what I dug up on the City Turbo II.

    0-60 in the low 8 seconds
    IHI RHB51 turbocharger with minimal lag
    108 hp
    1645 pounds

    I couldn't find a 0-60 on the RSR, maybe somebody can dig that up for me. But my guess that unless traction is limited, the City II would stomp the RSR.


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