Sunday, February 8, 2015

10k: Indypendent Thinking: 1972 Maserati Indy, V8 swap

The Maserati Indy was a front-engined grand tourer named for its Indy 500 racing victories (in 1939 and 1940) built from 1969-1975 under Citroen ownership (seriously). This isn't the first Indy we've featured, and it isn't the first American V8-swapped Maserati on here either. An automatic transmission is an unfortunate choice for this build, but its price is crazy enough to be picked up by a builder crazy enough to embrace the car's motif. We're talking cowl hood, slicks and skinnies, NRA stickers, and an Italian flag windshield banner. Find this 1972 Maserati Indy with V8 swap for sale in Beverly Hills, CA for $10,000 reserve-not-met here on eBay with 3 days to go.

An all-American heart powering this Italian grand tourer, designed by Alfredo Vignale (and if we're being honest, that name sounds delicious), is probably more logical than other engine swaps we feature. It's the classic grand tourer equation: a reliable power plant that goes from mundane to manic with one flex of your big toe. Here, you can enjoy the swell of low-end torque without the hillbilly stigma. It's more like an Italian hillbilly equivalent. With leaf springs and a log axle out back, it plays the part well.

This is where I admit that I'm awful at engine-spotting and accept guesses, educated or otherwise, as to what's under the hood. In stock form, the current American V8 may not be far from the Maserati's 320-horsepower 4.9-liter unit. However, it guarantees an enormous aftermarket. This allows daily reliability, or the generation of enough power to make tire smoke waft over Modena.

If most of the interior parts are here, they're in rough shape. You could probably refinish the carpet and chairs, and expend some elbow grease everywhere else, and call it a day. The exterior needs exactly one capacious hood and that's all. Well, besides the stickers.

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PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.


  1. Sad that these were so worthless at one point, that stuff like this happened to them.

    Tail lights look familiar?

  2. ~ Looks like it may be a Ford 302, but why '4.9 L'? = 302 CI (4,942 cc) I guess.

  3. Anyone else catch the trip meter reads 666??!! Not a good omen to me

  4. Notice that the hood wouldn't fit with that motor unless you want to put on a lovely scoop.

    Scot in San Jose

  5. I spent some time trying to work out why it looked so wrong. These should look long and low and wide, and this looks kind of tall and short and narrow. When uploading pictures, it looks like they were resized by shortening the x-axis, rather than cropping. In the side shot, the wheels are oval, not round.


    I'm kind of surprised that the new engine sits above the hood-line. The original Maserati V8 wasn't especially small, and four downdraft Webers are not a compact induction option. It would make me worry about other areas of the install.


  6. Sorry, total sizing fail on that engine pic, and without an edit function I can't correct my mistake.
    Mea culpa.

  7. The stance is "interesting", perhaps the car was being setup for ralley cross.

  8. Could be an AMC 290 or 304 v-8

  9. Thats a 429 or 460 ford big block. The thermostat housing position on the intake is the key. It seames the seller dont even know what the engine is.

  10. Guess you guys haven't heard of the infamous Beverly Hills Car Club (the seller). They are nowhere near Beverly Hills. You will find them in East L.A. Their inventory is, uh, shall we say interesting?

    1. Yeah, I recognized their logo on rear license plate insert. I will leave it to the other site that sounds like a nocturnal flying mammal to discuss BHCC's warez...


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