Friday, February 13, 2015

10k: Front Engined: 1988 Porsche 924S SE Special Edition

 The Porsche 924 was getting old when they introduced the 924S version, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good used car to get today, especially when you consider how cheap you can find a low production version like the SE (Special Edition).  It also benefits from all the learning of the years of 924 production and ends up being best of the breed (short of the extremely limited production 924 Carrera GT).  Find this 1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition offered for $10,000 in Alameda, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

In 1988 as production of the 924 came to an end, Porsche released a club racer edition called the SE (Special Edition) in the USA and "LeMans" for the rest of the world.  It was only available in black and was equipped with manual steering, manual windows/locks, no sunroof, no radio, no AC, no cruise control, no passenger side mirror, and wider wheels in the rear.  A buyer could add back some of those comfort options, or could continue into track territory with the M030 suspension package (Koni shocks, stiff springs), M220 limited slip diff -- which is what the original buyer of this car appears to have done.

The 924S tosses the Audi sourced inline-4 from the older 924 and instead is powered by the Porsche 2.5 liter inline-4 from the 944.  Power was up to 160 horsepower in 1988 (same rating as the earlier 2.0 liter 924 turbo) and performance was excellent once you factor in the 2400 lb curb weight.

The 924S SE came with a special set of grey cloth seats with maroon piping and maroon carpets. This one looks nice and the 88k miles on the odometer are probably true (be sure to verify miles with oil change receipts and other ways because the odo gears are susceptible to damage that allows the car to rack up the miles without counting them.  The repair is cheap and easy if you do-it-yourself, but many owners would wait until they needed to sell the car to replace the broken odometer.)

See a cooler set of wheels?


  1. With an RS or Clubsport badge on the back, the price tag would be doubled. I didn't know these existed - nice find.

  2. This is awesome. Always liked the 924 S better than the base 944

  3. Talk some sense into this guy:

    and here's a cheaper alternatives:

    gotta love interference engines.

    1. That guy is making sense. $9500 is a very fair price for a really nice 924s with low miles. The $4000 ones are just going to kill you with maintenance/repair. They will be $9500 cars after you do the front of engine service, fix the electrical stuff and replace the worn out clutch.

  4. As a 924s owner I would say this is going to make someone very happy. It's a fun all around car (although I'll keep my AC and power steering). It's not going to win any races but it entertaining to push hard, you just have to treat the gas pedal as a light switch--all the way on unless you are on the brakes.

  5. I feel bad about the 924. It will always be unloved, despite the fact that it's a pretty good car and there are some really rare editions. The S is basically a 944, as stated, and there's very little reason to not just buy that model instead. Here's a 1988 924 S Le Mans for an asking price of $30K. The guy is smoking something. It might be worth $20K...maybe? Still, the 924 will continue to disappear, being cheap and perceived as somewhat disposable.

  6. I also own one of these 924S SE models and consider it a real "drivers" car, Just know that the odometer has only 5 digits and frequently prone to break, So it is imprortant to establish the approximate mileage. The grey cloth interior also does not wear well, so expect to replace/recover the seats. AC is only barely cool and robs power. Maintenance can be expensive if done by a Porsche specialist (not necessary) but should be followed religiously. Don't buy it if you want to impress people, Porsche owners will avoid you.:-)

    1. I feel your pain, whatever your (chosen user)name is.


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