Saturday, February 7, 2015

10k: Boonie Bus: 1964 Volkswagen Van

Update 7-Feb-2015: This 1964 VW Boonie Bus is still for sale in the San Diego area, but now the asking price is down to $7,500. Thanks to tip from Eric.

Original Post 23-Oct-2014: Remember that time the lunar rover got really drunk and hooked up with a short bus?  Yeah, he still gets ribbed at the annual moon equipment reunion at the Culver City sound stage used for the actual landing...but, its worse than we thought...apparently the short bus got pregnant and had a baby.  Congrats to the new family, but that lunar rover needs to figure out a better paying job to afford the child car payments.  Find this 1964 Volkswagen Boonie Bus offered for $9,500 in San Diego, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Sean.

Even after seeing this thing, you might need to ask the question what is a Boonie Bus?  We ran a data query through the interweb search engine and found that the Boonie Bus is a kit car that was built on a VW Bus/Van/Kombi chassis and sold back in the mid 1970s.  One of the first results is a website called Robert Q Riley Enterprises that will sell you the plans to build your own Boonie Bug...but the info on the website might be just a few bit out of date because -- here I'm gonna quote them: " VW van was picked because it's easy to convert to off-road almost free when purchased used (nobody wants one)."  Last I checked the VW Bus market was hovering around the same levels as a similar era/condition I don't think anybody has given one away in the recent past, but I could be wrong. 

Out back is an air cooled ratta-tatt ping-ping tweedle-deedle noisemaker that everyone loves getting stuck behind on long single lane mountain roads.  Horsepower is somewhere between the lunar rover and a school bus. 

It isn't clear how useful the inside is for storage, but the Boonie allegedly gets its name from being able to transport its occupants around the boondocks or boonies. 

See a cooler customized short wheelbase VW powered yellow thing?


  1. Awwwww, they are so CUTE when they're babies.... And in the fifth picture on the CL ad, we can see it trying to learn to fly.

    Honestly the interior of this Boonie Bus makes a Citroen 2CV Van look downright luxurious.

    But thanks to DT, for showing me yet another previously-unknown dimension to the car hobby.

  2. Looks like a prop from Sigmund the Sea Monster

  3. Now that's what I call a whale of a tail.


  4. I remember seeing that thing - or another one, yellow I think - in Popular Mechanics around 1974.

    The fact that I remember that means that I need either (a) a life or (b) more alcohol or (c) both.

    1. me too! it was a D.I.Y. plan they featured, i really wanted to make one, for some reason plans included shortening the chassis ??!!


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