Sunday, February 15, 2015

10k: Bent Pushrods: 2001 Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06

 Ah, the C5 Corvette Z06.  The cheapest way to go fast, and the fastest way to lose your license.  It is a formidable track machine, tuned by the wizards at Chevy's performance group to take the standard C5 from fast enough to faster.  What happens when you bolt a supercharger on a Z06?  Flat tires and rusty brake discs?  What's going on with this 2001 Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06 currently bidding here on eBay for $7,600 with a few hours to go?

The Z06 is a inexpensive way to go fast, but this is really cheap.  Why?  According to the seller:   
The engine was damaged during an over rev event. This caused damage to one or more of the pushrods. The pressure was enough to break one of the valve springs on the right side bank of the engine. Please note that the engine is not locked up and will crank but is definitely a project.

Valve springs on a LS1 is an easy job, just some hand tools and a set of valve spring compressors, but you've got to wonder what else was damaged during this over-rev.  Did the valves hit the pistons?  Will it need a full head rebuild?   Regardless, the car has a decent amount of money in aftermarket parts and should easily push 400 horsepower to the rear wheels. 

The C5 interior is one of the two-tone jobs that straddles the difference between gaudy and awesome...personally, I think it leans towards awesome, but it was panned by critics when new and everybody raves about how much GM improved the C6 interior.

See another chance to roll the dice?


  1. If the engine is a total loss. Why not just dump a veedub TDI in it?!? Or for the price of a newish TDI just get a brand spanken used ls.

  2. I like the stock two tone interior - but the aftermarket red trim on the steering wheel and passenger 'oh sh*t bar make this one look a little tacky..luckily easily reversible

  3. I'm with anon. Tacky as hour-old Elmer's. The C7 interior was definitely a (journalistically recognized) step (or 12) up from its forebears; I don't know if the C6 was measurably better than the C5.

    Sick fast and brutal cars in their day. I drove one tuned to about 500 ponies; I was scared.

  4. Bidding now at $15,003 with 4 hrs left. I think there are probably a few bidders out there who see this as a great opportunity to build something other-worldly fast for compact car money. I would simply get a new LS1 crate long block built for a blower and go from there. Typically, somebody else's tweaked car will not bring nearly the value of the sum of its parts because it has likely been flogged like an insolent sailor. Here is a chance to start from scratch and get a blower out of the deal. My concerns are with the rest of the driveline...

  5. What a fright pig! That cars seems like it's just a rolling shell at this point. As stated, it would make a heck of a platform to build something completely else. But, to repair everything most likely damaged would probably outweigh just going out and buying one in decent shape. That's too bad, because that's a heck of a car. Somebody didn't put it away wet; they beat it to death. I doubt it was an enthusiast who was tight with money...reminds me of the scene in Breaking Bad where W. White destroys the Challenger his wife made him take back. How much fun and simultaneously painful was this to watch?!? Plus, they used such a great song by The Pretenders! What a show. Thankfully, Better Call Saul is great.

  6. Have a friend who bought a complete prepped race Z06, class leader and complete, for far less than you could build this thing for.

    Don't overbid, folks.

    For a road car I'd hold out for a C6. For a track car buy something already built, they are out there.


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