Tuesday, February 24, 2015

10k: Adriaannnnn: 1967 Sunbeam Alpine V

If you'd like to experience the thrill of open air motoring in a classic British style lightweight, there really is no better tradeoff between driving experience and price than a NA-series Mazda MX-5 Miata...but if you seek the thrill of possibly not getting to your destination, you should seriously consider an actual British classic.  Like this 1967 Sunbeam Alpine V offered here on eBay currently bidding for $7,800 reserve-not-met.

The Alpine V (1965-1968) was the fifth generation of the 2-seat roadster from the Rootes Group, but, much like Rocky V, it was a re-hash of the previous story, but updated for regulations and perhaps a bit more power.  The Alpine design was changed little from the previous generation, and the styling by former Ford employee Ken Howes still looked like the first generation Thunderbird. 

The Alpine V might not be the contender for the title, but its 1.7 liter inline-4 was rated at 100 hp, making the 2200 lb chassis quite the little street fighter. This one is getting up in years, but the spark still lives somewhere inside and it could be a great weekend driver for the right person.

The interior looks in good nick, and the paint is claimed to be 60% original, which is certainly preferred over a cheap respray or an aging decent job.   The American Racing Silverstone magnesium wheels fit match the style of the car nicely. 

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  1. How did this one escape having a Ford small block bodged into it? These cars were far ahead of their BMC brethren in terms of comfort, reliability and in having a synchro 1st gear. Buy it, drive it, just as it is.

    1. I was thinking it'd be a nice home for a JDM Toyota 3S-GE BEAMS powertrain out of an Altezza RS200. Two grand to your US doorstep, ECU and six-speed gearbox intact.

    2. A perfect choice! Now all I need is space for another car and a slightly less level-headed wife.

  2. Very nice looking car, and seems to be in the kind of condition that I prefer (well preserved, not restored). It sure will stand out from the sea of MGBs at the ABCD (All British Car Day). I have never had the pleasure to drive one, so I hope others will chime in on that front.

    Reviewing the photos in the EBay listing, it looks like he was lucky to escape a mauling when some sort of bear attacked him:


  3. I found my 1967 Sunbeam Alpine Series 5 on this website. I still have the Alpine for sale, since the people on Ebay that looked at it do not understand originality or what it costs to bring a car back that is very original. I even had a non-bidder who saw it on Ebay get mad at me for saying, "it is the most original Sunbeam Alpine Series 5 you will ever see." I never said it was all original. Since I purchased the Alpine in February 2014, I have done a few upgrades, with the intention of keeping it as original as possible. Since these photos were taken, I have installed new plexiglass windows and rubber seals in the hardtop. This Sunbeam is a lot of fun to drive. I am not a Sunbeam guy, but when I found the little Alpine sitting in a storage lot here in Southern California with no rust, a hardtop, magnesium wheels, Koni shocks, disc brakes, and 60% of the original paint, I had to investigate it further and I ended up buying the car. I as I said, I am not a Sunbeam guy, I own a '57 MB 300SL Roadster, a '63 Jaguar XKE Roadster, a couple of American Hot Rods and about 16 other automobiles. If you want more information, please give me a call here in California at 661-254-6188. Don't miss out, because in 6 months you will wished you had purchased this Alpine. Thank you. David


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