Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Myrrhcury: 1973 Mercury Capri Mk I

The final of the three Magi is named Gaspar and his gift for the newborn savior is Myrrhcury, which is not a radioactive tree sap.  Myrrhcury is the ancient Aramaic spelling of Mercury -- our favorite obsolete Ford luxury brand (sorry Edsel!).  Find this 1973 Mercury Capri Mk I currently bidding for $3,550 here on eBay reserve-not-met, located in Woodbury, CT. This feature is part of DT's Epiphany Special. 

The Capri (according to Mark I) was a sporty coupe built by Ford of Europe (in Germany) and imported to the USA under the Mercury brand.  This particular Capri was given new life in 2006 with a restoration, but there is some rust in the fender wells and low rocker panels.

Power comes from a 2.6 liter "Cologne" V6 that was rated at 125 horsepower and 151 ft-lbs of torque and available from 1970-1974. Thankfully this Capri is equipped with the 4-speed manual gearbox and would be a great car for a young carpenter to learn to drive when he turns 16.

That about wraps up DT's Epiphany special, but the three Magi still need to get home...what should they drive?


  1. Man those taillights look like upside down euro 240z units.

    Related: I saw my first Capri in the wild this weekend, a brown one that looked a lot like this subject. These things have a pretty striking presence in person.

  2. In the UK, these fill the vintage proto-sporty evolutionary niche occupied by Mustangs in the US. Shiny paint and stripes, fat pipes, custom wheels, all that. In the US, right, you almost never see them, and the ones you do see are yellow, orange or brown. They are delicate, almost fragile looking among the big iron, and almost no one has any idea they are even remotely connected with any kind of tire-smoking activity.

    1. The right hand drivers had it figured out pretty quickly. South Africa introduced the Perana V8 much the way that Saleen handled the Mustang here in the states. The Ozzies have always been quick to power up their Fords and have a rich history of V8 powered Mk 1 Capris. The irony is, they ended up with unrestricted Mustang power in a tight handling little coupe, just as the US was launching the Tuna Boat series of Mustangs (1971-1973) which were way up on mass and way down on power. Can't wait for the crate ecoboost 4cyl to become available from Ford...all the tired old engineless Alpines, Cortinas, early Falcons and Mustangs that will be getting a huge bump in power.

    2. " the Tuna Boat series of Mustangs"...awesome moniker Huns, I'll have to remember that one!

  3. Came across this last winter on my way to Litchfield, half buried in a snowdrift while taking the scenic route from DMV.

  4. That 2.6 needs a valve adjustment something that my brother delayed and it was noisy huge difference when in spec.

  5. I loved my 74!



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