Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mid Week Match-Up: Best Sub $10k Classic

It's Wednesday, so that means it's time for another edition of Daily Turismo's better than bocci with Burt Bacharach game also known as Mid Week Match-Up!  Today's subject comes from DT regular Gianni who writes:  I was watching the latest video on Petrolicious about the 5-series family.  I like the guy’s philosophy:  “Buy no car for more than $10K”.  Might be an interesting challenge to see what the D-Tisti come up with.

 For my money, you can't get much cooler than this 1967 Ford Falcon Econoline Travelwagon with popup camper offered for $8,500 in Rutland, VT.  The Econoline van was badged as the Ford Falcon when setup for passengers, but it used the same cab over (forward control) setup as other E-Series vans that were loosely based on the compact Falcon passenger vehicle.

This Falcon is a rare Travelwagon version, which means it features a pop-up top  and sleeping quarters for its occupants.  Unfortunately the seller doesn't include any pictures of the interior behind the front seats, or with the camper top in the raised position.  It won't be fast with the 144 or 170 cubic inch inline-6, but it will be a better hill climber than any van with a VW emblem on the front.

 What classic would you pick for $10k? Comments below.


  1. This post begs the question, what is a "classic"?

    I guess I'd say older than me and somewhat iconic.

    Almost pink Cadillac

    Not quite iconic, but the best visor I ever saw

    1. Boy, you do NOT want to slip cleaning the windshield on that Chevy!

  2. V70R?

    Oh, wait, you said classic. Hows about future classic?

    1. 1) Volvo-check
      2) longroof-check
      3) hot engine-check
      4) manual-...I can deal with it
      5) location-DAMN IT!

      Hay-Zeus, you cursed, wretched, lucky left coast SOBs...

    2. Zeus here - what's up?

    3. Doctordel, there's a guy in Miami listing a '04 V70R longroof with a manual for $13,800 on Black over caramel leather and relatively low miles. Been eyeballing it myself, but a touch dear for my budget.

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  3. Good question. My opinion; pre-1979 = classic. All newer (1980+) other interesting vehicles are modern classics or collectibles.

  4. Easy and if I live in Seattle I would own this today
    e34 m5

  5. Classic may be a stretch, but I would buy THIS RX7 for $5K
    Then I have cash left over to sort it out to my liking and take a road trip!

    1. Too bad its heart was ripped out.


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