Tuesday, January 27, 2015

5k: Most Bitchenest: 1973 Opel Manta

The Opel Manta A was a slim and nimble two-door fastback that shared a chassis and power-train with the Opel Ascona sedan.  The Manta is one of the better handling cars of the era and were sold and maintained through GM's domestic Buick dealerships when new. Find this 1973 Opel Manta offered for an undisclosed price near Seattle, WA.

This Manta is a weird hodgepodge of stuff, looks like a '69-70 Mustang hoodscoop, little touches like the grille accents actually look pretty good, paint job is nice, but the wing is ridiculous and through all the add-on it still has a 4 cyl/automatic.  With the auto, performance to 60mph can be clocked on a sundial.

You've got to love the seller's language/spelling in this one...but there has to be a better way.

And..in a rare DT double-feature tour de force, we offer up this survivor 4speed for $2500 (located here on craigslist...also near Seattle) which offers the potential to be so much more. The current asking price of only $2500 which is what most of the rust bucket Mantas have been going for.  If the link is still there, you better start calling, cause it will not last at that price.

See another fun to drive classic from the '70s that won't break the bank? tips@dailyturismo.com


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  2. I saw the orange car at the Orphan Car Show put on by the Seattle Corvair Club last summer.

  3. Holy cow, the great pumpkin has 1.4 million miles. Uneek indeed

  4. ~ Hmmm... I wonder...?

    1. The Firenza was a slightly different body style but packed a punch for sure! Either the Buick 215 (Rover) or the DZ302 would be a nice way to go. Several youtube videos of wrong-side drive Opel Manta A series V8s.

  5. i was in Germany in 72 doing the Army thing road in a few of these there a little rough riding but pretty good cars yes they rust like all metal creatures.

  6. So, an Opel GT and a Boss 302 Mustang walk into a bar.....

  7. Yehaw! I bought one of these through a BaT listing. Maybe I'll make it a pair through DT. The blue one is a great entry price for cheap classic car fun.

    1. Rod,
      Yeah, the blue one looks like a lot of car for the money. Swap on some slim bumpers, clean it up, drive it for a few years, and easily double your money on fleabay. Send us some pictures after you buy it!

  8. Gots to catch up on my DT comments...

    These things were just gorgeous in their time, the big bumpers can FOAD but the rest of it...just another perfect shape from the trailing end of an era when GM Corporate Design could do no (or at least very little) wrong.

    Design-wise this was a baby Holden Monaro of the day, halfway between a '69 and a '70.5 Camaro. One of the last bits of GM beauty before everything went in the mid '70s shitter.

    They were decent cars to drive, certainly not fast and nothing particularly special about the bits underneath, but somewhere between a Ford Escort and a 2-liter Ford Capri.

    The Ascona/Manta/1900 family has seen some swaps, some of the XB and Ecotec fours, maybe even a late Saab B234, think the later LNF and similar turbo direct-injection motors have some high-pressure fuel pump hardware on the end of the head that makes it a tough fit in something like this...


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