Friday, January 30, 2015

5k: Ja Makin Me Crazy: 1958 Fiberfab Jamaican

The Jamaican was another quasi home-built kit-car from Bud Goodwin's Fiberfab, makers of the fabulous Aztec, and fantastic Banshee. According to sales literature, the Jamaican used a donor chassis from a Austin-Healey, Triumph TR, MGA or VW to roll its Ferrari-esq shape around.  Find this 1958 Fiberfab Jamaican project offered for $4,500 in Pleasant View, TN via craigslist.  Tip from Richard.

This Jamaican is offered in a project condition, but it isn't as bad as this example that was being sold via youtube for $1,000 last year.   The Jamaican is offered as an uncompleted roller, but a Ford 289 V8, transmission and driveshaft for connecting to the narrowed 8-inch rear end is included.

The trickiest part of completing this kit is going to be finishing off the interior.  Who knows if/how you'll be able to get many of the pieces or if you'll just need to open your wallet to some local custom interior shop. 

See a nicer piece of fiberglass for less?


  1. or you can just buy a running and all-sorted Porsche 924/944 for the same price. This one has a lot of sorting and fabricating left to do including brakes and suspension as well as the interior...

  2. I thought it was way ahead of it's time until I saw it's actually a 68 and not a 58.....

  3. That plywood transmission tunnel is hilarious!

  4. Hmm...I could buy a very common Porsche 924 or this FF that's rare as hell, unusual and actually beautiful once restored. I'll take the FF.

  5. Really?- a Porsche 924 w/ no soul...and then hearing the Porsche-Porcupine joke all the time?
    As I tell my GF- Just about anybody can drive them...only a few can build them!

    If I wasn't knee deep in a V12 swap- it would be on my garage this weekend.

  6. Come on folks, really????
    The car is most definitely a 1958 Austin Healey, with a Jamaican body. The transmission tunnel is solid steel, built and fitted very well. Really helps on the strength and rigidity on V8 applications. The interior is complete, no parts needed at all. The upholstery panels are behind the seats.

  7. There is no sorting to be done and no fabrication that is needed. Small block ready (Ford 289). You can actually install the engine and trans, hook up fuel lines and wiring, bleed brakes and drive this car.

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