Friday, January 2, 2015

5k: Garage Or Street? 1994 Toyota Pickup

Just how old does a car need to get before it be priced as a classic?  Older Toyota Pickup (Hilux) models have seen some appreciation recently, but a high mile pickup from the 90s is still a workhorse unworthy of a collectors garage...right?  Find this 1994 Toyota Pickup offered here at a Toyota of Fort Worth, TX for $3,482. 

There are two schools of thought on this car; the first is that it is well used (250k mile) pickup that might cost big bucks any day now -- the second is that this is soon to be a classic and offered for 1/2 of what you'd pay for an older Hilux in similar condition.  

As seen on oppositelock.  See another modern classic for cheap?


  1. Guys, usually you're spot on with pretty much everything... but I have to respectfully disagree here.

    This thing has plumber / landscaper special written all over it. It's beat up, high mileage, and the least desirable of the breed (2wd).

    I was about to fill this post with market related anecdotes, but just look at some classifieds locally. These are everywhere under $3k, usually with a fraction of the miles this thing has. I don't think the market has ever been particularly strong for "classic" small 2wd pickups ever since the mini-truck craze died out in the late 90's. You can pick up a 4x2 LUV, Repu, Datsun 520-720, Courier, or even 70's Hilux for peanuts these days and they're 20+ years older than this example.

  2. This is a soon-to-be-filled-with-lawnmowers truck.

    Might have been an easier sale before gas prices fell.

    To the extent there's future-classics in the Toyota truck world it's probably the '80s 4Runners, at least the tiny percentage that hasn't been turned into Rubicon crawlers yet.

  3. Regardless of price, these old Toyota 2wd pickups run forever and ever.

  4. I own a 1993 model King cab Dlx it is a great truck 2 wheel drive only needs some TLC on the drivers seat over 200k and still runs strong, have had many people wanting to buy it but not for sale.

  5. The price is a bunch high. But a Toyota dealer selling it is the reason for the price. I wonder how hard it would be to make this into a little sleeper not unlike that s10 a while back. You know the one with the ladder rack.

  6. While the pre '82 trucks are cooler, fuel injection, 5th gear and stuff that works might trump that. No worries about destroying something beautiful either. It's disposability is it's beauty.

    This one has too many whiskey dents and too many miles for the price or to ever be a show pony This is priced to make people think the new truck they buy from the same dealer will be worth something in 20 years more so than to sell it.


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